ctf meets the x-files and discovers time travel


Welcome to Hacktoria, an immersive world full of OSINT, CyberSecurity, time travel, mysteries, aliens and other weirdness awaits you. Read more about the fictional backstories behind out universe. Meet a world that is filled with mystery, placed on top of our real world, woven together with CTF challenges.


You are Special Agent Foxtrot, part of a joint task force espionage group called “SERPENT: Special Espionage, Reconnaissance, Protection, Enforcement, and Neutralization Taskforce”. A small group of carefully selected individuals, tasked with maintaining the delicate balance on our blue planet. Your group has access to alien technology and time travel, working closely together with your alien counterpart “Klumgongyn”, a delegate from the Klumgon race on the planet Varnyr.

SERPENT takes on assignments that require te highest levels of confidentiality. Keeping the historic timeline of our planet in check, preventing alien invasions and eliminating anomalies. You lead a team of six of the best crew members the world has to offer.


Special Agent Foxtrot

RoleTeam Lead

His obsession with extraterrestrial life and work history with several US federal agencies, put him in the top spot to lead this new taskforce. Being part of the Tiberian Order’s recovery team who rescued Klumgongyn, he formed a special bond with our alien friend. Leading his team with dedication, excellent OSINT skills and without rest. Special Agent Foxtrot’s origins remain unknown.

Julia Sharpe

RoleHuman Intelligence

Brought up in a wealthy family in London, Julia attended Cambridge University where she studied psychology, specializing in criminal behavior and forensics. She joined MI6 straight out of university, becoming one of their best analysts. Taking notice of her work, her superiors recommended Julia for a new joint taskforce named SERPENT. She packed her bags without hesitation and left rainy London.

Gabriel Adams

RoleField Operative

A life of hardship doesn’t begin to describe Gabriels’ upbringing. Growing up in project housing in Baltimore, mostly alone with his siblings to a drug addicted and distant mother. Gabriel managed to shake his past by joining the marines and later becoming a Delta Force operator. He was recruited into SERPENT during his second deployment in Afghanistan when he saved a Klumgon pilot who was shot down by coalition forces.

Dimitri Zechev

WeaknessPeople skills

Born in Belarus, Dimitri quickly found his passion in computer science, becoming a self taught hacker by the age of 10. Joining the fight against his corrupt government at an early age, Dimitri became a local legend after leaking critical information about the regimes’ actions. His talents were discovered by the CIA, who quickly moved him onto greater things at a top secret new project named SERPENT.

Isabella Moreno


Born in Mexico City to a poor family, Isabella remained indoors for most of her childhood. Reading countless books and information online, feeding her passion for history. After her parents were killed in drug related violence, she joined the army as an intelligence officer to fight the cartels. She was recruited by Special Agent Foxtrot after a collaboration between the Mexican armed forces and SERPENT.


RoleLiaison / Logistics
CallsignSpecial K

Rescued by humans of the former Tiberian Order, Klumgongyn became a liaison between humans and the Klumgon alien race. His wisdom of the ages and advanced technology make him a valuable asset. Although he is still barely an adult on his home planet, on earth he is considered extremely old. Employing a quirky sense of humor and sometimes ice-cold analytical thinking, he baffles humans with his wisdom and logic.

Serpent HQ