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What is Hacktoria?

Story Driven CTF Games. Immerse yourself in the world of OSINT, Espionage and Hacking. Take part in our Monthly Operation, climb the scoreboard of our Discord Challenge or hone your skills using our Contracts. Join our Community of sleuths, investigators and hackers. Take part in our CTF Team to represent Hacktoria in CTF Events and compete worldwide.

The Team

Besides our amazing Community and CTF Team, Hacktoria has a core team of people working to make this platform amazing. Below are their totally 200% real photo’s.


The Founder


Infosec United guy


The IT Crowd


The Analyst


Monthly Operations

Operations are Monthly Monthly CTF Events. They run until the last day of each month and are ranked. They can only be played during the month the Operation is active.

Official Contracts

Hacktoria Contracts are practice sessions to test and sharpen your skills. Contrary to Operations, Contracts are always available and have no expiration date.

Community Contracts

Community Contracts are Contracts created by you! Anyone can create their own challenges for others to enjoy. Head over to this page to learn more.


Follow the ever evolving storyline of the Hacktoria universe. You can suggest new charcaters to be added for each faction, the Tiberian Order, Ahemait or the Order of Hades.

Card Collecting

Upon completing Contracts and Operations, you receive a unique card. These are collectible items to show which challenges you’ve completed. The cards for Operations can only be won during the month that particular Operation is active.

Discord Challenge

Our Discord server features a “challenge” channel. Community members post challenges, the winner of each challenge goes on the scoreboard.

Virtual Economy

Inside our Discord server you purchase hints for Monthly Operations. You do this by using Hacktoria Coins. These you get via gambling, submitting brand intelligence, making write-ups or winning the Discord Challenges.

CTF Team

Hacktoria has a CTF Team. This team participates in Capture the Flag exercises on behalf of the Hacktoria community. The members have their own private channel inside our Discord.


Finding mentions of Hacktoria online is a form of OSINT work. We’ve turned it into a game to find new mentions and submit them in our Discord server “brand-intel” channel for a reward.


Learning from each other is very important. Therefor we incentive the creation of write-ups. These are submitted in the “brand-intel” channel in our Discord server for a reward. See the price list further in this page for the specific rewards.

Discord Roles

RoleMain DescriptionDiscord
OverseerHead of HacktoriaDiscord Admin
CounselChecks and balances for the OverseerDiscord Bot
ConfidantApproves and publishes Community ContractsPOC for Community Contracts
VizierManages all agentsDiscord Mods
CTF TeamIs a members of the CTF TeamCTF Team Member
LobbyistPromotes Hacktoria’s InterestsServer Booster
Special AgentSpecial Agents working for HacktoriaDefault Role

Economy System

Hacktoria has a virtual economy system. Hacktoria Coins (HC) are the Virtual Currency that powers our in-game economy.

How to Earn Hacktoria Coins?

Make Write-ups for Contracts or Operations.

  • 200,000 HC for the first write-up submitted
  • 100,000 HC for every other write-up submitted
  • 60,000 HC for every write-up submitted that you found online, that wasn’t already listed

Gather Brand Intelligence

  • Use your OSINT skills to find mentions of Hacktoria online
  • 60,000 HC per discovered mention

All gathered information is posted in the “brand-intel” channel in our Discord server, while tagging the Overseer role. Once added, you’ll be awarded your coins.

Win a Community Challenge

  • 15,000 HC per challenge won


  • By Gambling and playing games in the “SpecialK-Mart” channel in our Discord server, you can win or lose fortunes without doing any of the work

What can you spend Hacktoria Coins on?

Contract / Operations Intelligence

  • For Contracts that are classified as INSANE, or the Monthly Operations, you can purchase intelligence in the form of a hint. This is available using the /shop command in the “SpecialK-Mart” channel of our Discord server.

Discord /shop items

Operation Intel – Monthly Events

Operation Intelligence (hint) for monthly Operations. Use the /shop command to purchase in the “SpecialK-Mart” channel and the /use command to receive your hint via DM.

Price: 400,000 HC

Presskit and Branding

If you’re looking to feature our work somewhere, for example a blog or write-up for one of our Contracts. This page contains all our relevant branding information. Please note that some of the fonts may come with their own licensing, not fit for reselling of the font itself.

In case you’re missing something, or would like artwork/materials for a particular project. Please reach out via a Direct Message on Twitter, or in our Discord server. We’re more than happy to provide unique materials that help spread awareness of the Hacktoria project.

All logo’s are copyrighted by Hacktoria.




CRISTIKhacktoria Logo
VT323Terminal font


3D Logo Transparent – DOWNLOAD

Flat Logo black bakground – DOWNLOAD

CTF Team transparent DOWNLOAD

Text Logo Website – DOWNLOAD