Westside Residential

Located west of the city center of Tiber, the Westside Residential projects provide housing for anyone living on Hacktoria. We have several property types available, from single room studio apartments, to cabins, row houses, multi room apartments and villas.

Our properties are only for sale, current listings can be found in our office, located at the south eastern corner of the residential zone. Or on this web page.

The residential zone is setup spacious and full of greenery. Playgrounds are available for children, there’s a dog park and publish swimming pool. Each building comes with charging stations for e-scooters, parking spots and maintenance service.

Our office is open between 11:00 and 16:00 mon-fri. For showings or to get advice from one of our agents, please send an email. We can schedule an appointment at your convenience, not bound to our opening hours.

Purchasing a home

In order to purchase your new home, you will have to book a viewing by emailing [email protected]

After the viewing, together with our agent, you make your selection, both for your new dwelling, the new paint jobs and furniture orders. After the process is complete, you make the official purchase in our Discord server, in the market-street channel.


Studio Apartment – 20,000 HC

Our beautiful studio apartments are single room dwellings, all outfitted with modern kitchens and bathroom equipment. Sized vary between 33-35 m2, due to the hallway layout. Bathroom is always adjacent to the hallway, which comes with additional door for soundproofing from the main staircase.

Kitchen area is either built into a corner, or has a semi-open space, depending on building layout. All studio apartments come with their own balcony, airconditioning, high-speed internet and collective water/power supply. Kitchen and laundry facilities per apartment include a dishwasher, oven, fridge/freezer, washer and dryer.

Spacious Apartment – 35,000 HC

Our spacious apartments come with all amenities found in the Studio Apartment, plus an additional three rooms. One room being dedicated as a living room/kitchen area. With three more bedrooms, balcony adjacent to the living room. 

These comfortable and affordable homes are the ideal place for growing families. Using excellent insulation materials, airconditioning and top of the line equipement, your quality of life will surely improve.

Row House – 52,000 HC

Situated towards the edges of Tiber City, our beautiful row houses provide three levels, with a tilted roof at the top. A spacious entry and staircase welcome you to the dwelling. A living room, toilet and kitchen on the ground floor. The first floor holds two bedrooms and a bathroom, with the top floor holding two additional bedrooms.

These row houses are ideal for larger families, being away from the busiest part of the city, yet close enough to have all the shops within walking distance.

All row houses are outfitted with the same amenities as spacious apartments, with the addition of extra walk in closet space in the master bedroom.

Penthouse – 110,000 HC

Living a bachelor lifestyle? Or just looking for a beautiful apartment for one or two people? 

With an amazing view over the ocean and the Bay of Pirates, our penthouses ensure you have an amazing view no matter the time of day. Facilitating a large bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen area and living room. These luxurious apartments are located near the Jolly Roger Pub, Bayside Harbor and the Harbor Restaurant.

Villa – 170,000 HC

Combining the luxury of the penthouse, with the spaciousness of our houses. The villa section is located to the north west of Tiber City, built on the hillsides that encase the beautiful city.

A spacious living room, dining area and bathroom on the ground floor. With a garden, pool and grilling area. The first floor holds an additional toilet, bathroom and two bedrooms. With the top floor holding an additional three rooms.

Having your own piece of land, complete with high walls or iron fencing, allows for very comfortable living for larger families. Being in a more secluded area and hillside, it is advised to use vehicles to reach the city center.

All villas come with the needed kitchen and bathroom appliances, furniture and painting is of course up to the inhabitants.

Rustic Cabin – 60,000 HC

Looking to escape the city? Enjoy living between trees? Are you also a fan of being further away from people? We offer a selection of rustic cabins to meet the needs of anyone looking to live in a rustic settings.

Situated north of Tiber City, in the densely forested hillsides. Our cabins offer living space for two people comfortable, or three if you enjoy being very near your child at all times.

Sporting all the needed kitchen and bathroom appliances, high speed internet and a beautiful wooden walkway to each cabin, these rustic homes are perfect for the avid outdoorsy person.