Tiberian Order

The Tiberian Order is an ancient organization that has stood the test of time, taking many names and shapes over the years. To stay undetected and change with the times. In the earlier days, the Tiberian Order would influence heads of state, or take on clandestine espionage work for those in need. Guided by the moral principle to not support evil, Tiberian Order has always had her reputation as “arm of the righteous”. Never allowing the evil in this world to use her powers, she always picked her Contracts with justice in mind. At all times, the “Overseer” is in charge of the Tiberian Order and decides what Contracts are taken and which are denied.

As the ages progressed and humankind was introduced to more advanced technologies, the organization grew with the times. From the early days of pigeon messengers, to radios and later the internet, she has always expanded to include the most skilled members in their crafts. Only the best are hand selected.

During the current modern age of globalization, web3 and misinformation. the Tiberian Order finds herself more powerful than ever. No longer bound by location to the prying eyes of any local government. She operates in the shadows, both online and offline. Obscuring the presence of her members with a sense of grace and urgency.


The Tiberian Order is spread all over the globe, operated using cells that work closely together as separate teams. These cells are all spearheaded by a Vizier. This role answers to the counsel members. Most operation decision making is done directly by the Viziers, giving them full autonomy on the execution of their Operation or Contract work.

The Counsel has Klumgongyn as it’s head and a counsel member for each intelligence cell. They ensure all information and resources are available to their cells, make sure collaboration takes place and keep the Head Counsel informed of anything important happening. The counsel members are responsible for arranging resources for their cells. For example office space, equipment or liaisons with foreign agencies.

The Head Counsel is responsible for the functioning of the counsel and acts as an advisor to the Overseer. The Head Counsel often collaborates with Confidants and Lobbyists to expand the influence of the Tiberian Order.

Confidants are the neutral players in the organization. They swore confidentiality and can be approached by anyone in the organization for advice, to highlight problems or just for a talk. They handle all the administrative functions and are all elected by a general vote for everyone in the Tiberian Order. Confidants have the power to veto decisions by the Counsel if they deem actions too dangerous for staff members, or when in violation of the law.

Lobbyists exist in a grey area, they speak with the Counsel, Confidants and the Overseer. They do not interfere with the day-to-day operations in any way. It’s their job to influence industries, governments, agencies and others. Any request for resources they need from the Tiberian Order will go through the Head Counsel and is verified with the E.C.C. (Ethics Commission of Confidants).

At the head of the Tiberian Order stands the Overseer. This role has a final say in what Contracts or Operations the Tiberian Order accepts. Advised by the Head Counsel, Lobbyists and Confidants on the viability, ethics and influence value each proposal brings. The Overseer does not interfere with other day-to-day decisions and is mostly busy plotting the future of the Tiberian Order.

Each cell that is spearheaded by a Vizier consists of Operative, Analysts, Hackers or Operators. Depending on the type of cell. These people are absolute experts in their respective fields and dedicated individuals. Depending on the nature of their cell, they either work decentralized or centralized. B.T.R.U. members often occupy locations on friendly military facilities. ASIC (All Source Intelligence Cells) and Red Teams usually occupy a singular office location per cell. Field Ops units operate either alone or in very small teams. They’re the gray men and women, moving in plain sight across the world to gather intel that can’t be obtained over a wire.


Our Alien “Head Counsel” was introduced to Hacktoria during one of our monthly Capture the Flag events. Operation Galaxios has the player rescue Klumgongyn from the hands of international criminals. The players liked the character so much, they even named him “Special K” by the end of the event.

With the continuation of Hacktoria, Klumgongyn was re-introduced as a permanent member of the Tiberian Order organization. Complete with his own language and Discord server role.

Klumgongyn will show up during all of your endeavors with the Tiberian Order. It’s also a wise idea to crack the Klumgon language presented in the Contract “Klumgongyn Returns“. This language will be used more often in other events, having a translation ready will surely help you.

Come say hi to Klumgongyn in our Discord server, he is very approachable.

Meet your Team Mates

Julia Sharpe

Julia Sharpe was born and raised in the heart of Washington, D.C. Her father, Robert Sharpe, was a respected CIA agent who dedicated his life to serving his country. Growing up, Julia admired her father’s work and often listened intently to his stories about his missions.

As a child, Julia was exceptionally bright and curious. She excelled in school, particularly in the sciences, and always had a natural talent for problem-solving. Her father recognized her potential and encouraged her to pursue a career in intelligence.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Julia joined the CIA straight out of college. She quickly made a name for herself, earning a reputation as a skilled operative and analyst. She was often sent on dangerous missions, and her success rate was unparalleled.

Despite her achievements, Julia grew disillusioned with the CIA’s bureaucratic structure and the lack of autonomy she was given in her work. She longed for an agency that valued innovation and creativity over protocol and paperwork.

That’s when she received a mysterious invitation to join the Tiberian Order, a decentralized clandestine agency unlike any other. The organization was shrouded in secrecy, and few outside of its members knew of its existence. Intrigued by the possibilities, Julia accepted the offer.

Julia quickly rose through the ranks, thanks to her exceptional skills and innovative thinking. She was eventually named the head of FIELD OPS, responsible for overseeing the organization’s most dangerous missions.

Under Julia’s leadership, the Tiberian Order became even more successful, completing missions that others thought impossible. Her team respected and admired her, knowing that she would never ask them to do anything she wouldn’t do herself.

Despite her success, Julia never forgot her roots. She remained close to her father, who was proud of her accomplishments and amazed by the organization she worked for. Julia knew that she had found her true calling with the Tiberian Order and was grateful for every opportunity it provided her.

Chinh Phuong

Chinh Phuong was born and raised in the coastal city of Quy Nhon, Vietnam, where his father was a fisherman who spent most of his days at sea. Despite growing up in a humble background, Chinh was a bright and curious child, always eager to learn and explore the world around him.

As he grew older, Chinh became fascinated with the field of intelligence gathering, especially the methods and techniques used to collect information from a variety of sources. He spent countless hours reading books and researching online, teaching himself the art of intelligence gathering and analysis.

After completing his studies in computer science, Chinh’s exceptional skills and talent quickly caught the attention of the Tiberian Order, a decentralized clandestine agency that valued innovation and creativity above all else. The organization recruited him to work as the head of their All-Source Intelligence Cell (ASIC), responsible for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence from a variety of sources.

Under Chinh’s leadership, the ASIC team became one of the most effective and efficient intelligence-gathering units in the world. They used cutting-edge technology and sophisticated techniques to collect and analyze data, allowing the Tiberian Order to stay one step ahead of their enemies.

Despite his success, Chinh never forgot his humble beginnings in Quy Nhon. He remained grounded and humble, always striving to help those in need and give back to his community. He knew that his success was not just his own but the result of the hard work and sacrifices of his father and mother.

Chinh continued to lead the ASIC team with distinction, always pushing the boundaries of what was possible with intelligence gathering and analysis. His work with the Tiberian Order helped to shape the world in ways that few could imagine, and his legacy would be remembered for years to come.

Dimitri Zechev

Dimitri Zechev was born in a small village in Ukraine, surrounded by the lush green fields of wheat and barley. His parents were farmers who worked hard every day to make ends meet. Dimitri grew up watching his parents struggle to provide for their family, and this instilled in him a deep sense of injustice.

As a child, Dimitri was always curious about how things worked, and he spent hours tinkering with gadgets and electronics. His parents could not afford to buy him expensive toys or gadgets, so he made do with whatever he could find. He quickly learned to hack into computers and networks, and he was fascinated by the power this gave him.

When Dimitri was a teenager, his parents moved to the city in search of better opportunities. Dimitri was thrilled to be in the city, where he had access to better resources and could learn more about hacking. He spent most of his time online, reading blogs and forums about computer security and hacking techniques.

After graduating from high school, Dimitri enrolled in a computer science program at a local university. He excelled in his studies and quickly became known as a talented hacker among his peers. Dimitri was passionate about using his skills to level the playing field in an unequal world, and he dreamed of making a difference.

Dimitri’s big break came when he was approached by a member of the Tiberian Order. The Tiberian Order was a decentralized clandestine secret agency that worked to expose corruption and hold those in power accountable. Dimitri was initially skeptical, but he soon realized that the Tiberian Order shared his values and his desire to make a difference.

Dimitri joined the Tiberian Order as a Red Team operator, and he quickly rose through the ranks to become the head of Red Team operations. In this role, Dimitri led a team of elite hackers who carried out complex cyberattacks against corrupt organizations and governments.

Dimitri’s work with the Tiberian Order has not been without risk. He has been the target of multiple assassination attempts and has had to flee from one country to another to avoid capture. But Dimitri remains committed to the cause and continues to work tirelessly to expose corruption and bring about a more just world.

Gabriel Adams

Gabriel Adams was born and raised in the heart of the Bronx, one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York City. Growing up, Gabriel’s life was not easy. His family struggled with addiction, poverty, and a lack of resources. To make matters worse, Gabriel never knew his father, who had abandoned the family when he was very young. Despite these challenges, Gabriel was determined to make something of himself and break the cycle of poverty and addiction that had plagued his family for generations.

As a teenager, Gabriel found solace in sports and the military. He played football and baseball in high school, and after graduation, he decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. Gabriel knew that the Marines would give him the discipline, structure, and training he needed to succeed in life.

During his time in the Marines, Gabriel distinguished himself as an exceptional soldier. He quickly rose through the ranks and was eventually chosen to join an elite special forces unit. Gabriel excelled in the most challenging and dangerous missions, earning a reputation as a skilled tactician and fearless leader. He served several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he saw firsthand the horrors of war and the toll it takes on soldiers and civilians alike.

After completing his service in the Marines, Gabriel was recruited by the Tiberian Order, a clandestine secret agency tasked with protecting the world from the most dangerous threats. Gabriel’s military training and experience made him a perfect fit for the agency, and he quickly rose through the ranks to become the head of the Borderless Tactical Response Unit (B.T.R.U.).

As the head of the B.T.R.U., Gabriel oversees a team of highly trained operatives who are deployed to hotspots around the world to neutralize threats to national security. Gabriel’s leadership and tactical expertise have earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and superiors alike.

Despite his success, Gabriel has never forgotten his roots. He remains committed to helping others overcome the same obstacles he faced growing up in the Bronx. He frequently speaks at schools and community centers, encouraging young people to pursue their dreams and never give up, no matter how difficult the journey may be. Gabriel’s life is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and the belief that anything is possible.

Thalia Araújo

Thalia Araújo was born and raised in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most impoverished and dangerous neighborhoods in Brazil. Growing up, Thalia witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of crime and corruption on her community. Despite the challenges she faced, Thalia was determined to make a difference in the world and to help her community overcome the cycle of poverty and violence.

Thalia’s parents were both factory workers, and money was always tight. However, they instilled in Thalia a love of learning and a belief that education was the key to a better life. Thalia was a bright and motivated student, and she worked tirelessly to excel in school, even when faced with significant obstacles. She often had to study by candlelight or in the streets, as her family couldn’t afford electricity or a quiet place to study.

Despite the difficulties she faced, Thalia was able to earn a scholarship to a top university in Rio de Janeiro. There, she studied economics and international relations, determined to use her knowledge to fight crime and corruption in her community. After graduation, Thalia began working for a nonprofit organization focused on improving public safety and reducing crime in the favelas.

Thalia’s work with the nonprofit organization brought her to the attention of the Tiberian Order, a clandestine secret agency dedicated to protecting the world from the most dangerous threats. Thalia’s expertise in economics and her experience working in the favelas made her a valuable asset to the agency, and she was soon recruited as an analyst.

As an analyst for the Tiberian Order, Thalia uses her knowledge and skills to identify and assess potential threats to national security. She works closely with field agents and other analysts to develop strategies and plans to neutralize these threats before they can harm innocent people. Thalia’s work is often high-pressure and high-stakes, but she thrives under the pressure, knowing that her efforts are helping to make the world a safer place.

Despite her success, Thalia has never forgotten where she came from. She remains committed to helping her community and to fighting crime and corruption in Brazil and around the world. Thalia’s life is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and the belief that anyone can make a difference, no matter where they come from.

Joaquin Gonzalez

Joaquin Gonzalez was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, where he spent much of his childhood dreaming of being a firefighter. As a teenager, he joined the local volunteer firefighting squad, where he quickly distinguished himself as a talented and dedicated member of the team. Joaquin loved the rush of adrenaline he felt when rushing into burning buildings to save lives and property.

After several years as a volunteer firefighter, Joaquin decided to pursue a degree in forensics, hoping to combine his love of technology with his desire to help others. He studied hard and earned top marks, eventually landing a job with the Santiago Police Department’s Cyber Crime Unit.

Joaquin quickly proved himself to be a skilled hacker and a valuable member of the team. He was responsible for cracking some of the most challenging cases in the department’s history, using his expertise to track down cybercriminals and bring them to justice.

Joaquin’s talent and dedication did not go unnoticed by the Tiberian Order, a clandestine secret agency dedicated to protecting the world from the most dangerous threats. The agency was impressed by Joaquin’s hacking skills and offered him a job on one of their Red Teams, where he would work to test and strengthen the agency’s own cybersecurity defenses.

Joaquin accepted the offer and quickly became one of the agency’s most valuable assets. He worked tirelessly to identify vulnerabilities in the Tiberian Order’s systems, always looking for ways to improve and enhance the agency’s security measures.

In addition to his work on the Red Team, Joaquin also spends his days training new hackers for the Tiberian Order. He is a patient and thorough teacher, always willing to go the extra mile to help his students develop their skills and knowledge.

Despite his success and achievements, Joaquin remains humble and grounded, never forgetting his roots as a volunteer firefighter in Santiago. He often returns home to visit his family and to volunteer with the local fire department, where he can still be found rushing into burning buildings to help those in need. Joaquin’s life is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a willingness to help others.