Hacktoria is currently being operated by Frank, Bret, Maria and Noureldin. It's a hobby project where we hope to provide people with something fun, unique and educational. We do not get paid for this and do all of it on our free time. If you're into OSINT or any related field, from psychology to programming and want to get involved, reach out about whatever idea or collaboration you have in mind!


Working in IT for about 12 years, doing various roles that started in the military, to system administration, support and solution engineer. Having a varied background and wide interests in topics from technology to psychology.

While taking a shower, Frank's twisted brain had it's two neurons accidentally bump into each other in the vast empty space that is his head. One of them had years of hobby experience in the fiction industry, while the other worked in tech for 12 years. They decided it was time to combine both of these experiences into a fun project. Using storytelling and OSINT together to make CTF challenges.


Bret is a Frontend Web Developer, who loves learning; especially when solving challenges as part of making unique applications for Internet users across the Web. He bumped into Frank on Twitter and got involved to continue making cool stuff.

Bret has an extensive background in a lot of fields, from marketing to programming and even community management. His input into the Hacktoria challenges means they will take on different shapes and forms, and being US based, means we can cover more time zones when people reach out about our challenges. Besides all of this work, Bret also is very active as a volunteer for various organisations.


María is a Tech Lawyer from Mexico, with ten years of experience in intellectual property, privacy, contracts, and corporate law. Through these years, She's worked in various fields from design, marketing to even photography.

Recently, her passion for technology led her to study blockchain, cybersecurity and to grow a special passion for OSINT.

As a disabled person, she is an advocate for inclusion, also very curious, detail-oriented, straightforward who likes to work independently and to solve problems. With her addition to the team, she will be creating problems for you to solve.


Noureldin is a motivated and skilled individual seeking new opportunities as a pentester. Through completion of Google IT Support Professional Certification, I developed skills in customer service, networking, operating systems (including Windows & Linux), system administration, and security. My training included hands-on practice in this area. I'm passionate about continuously learning in the IT field and supporting people to solve their technical problems.

Software Engineering Student | IBM Cyber Security Students Community Leader | Red Team🔴 | CTF Addict 👾 | AWS Community Builder🛠