Chasing Bigfoot

Greetings Special Agent K. After starting our collaboration with Klumgongyn and his species, a lot of the earth’s mysteries have started to clear up. Not being able to share these with the rest of the world but, suffice to say, a lot of sci-fi movies aren’t that far off from reality. One of such interesting … Read more

On the Wire

Greetings Special Agent K. One of our field agents in Malaysia managed to physically breach the office of a corrupt politician. Doubling as a mole for a Chinese criminal enterprise, mostly smuggling endangered animals. In this case their evil business involves shark fin trade and other exotic food items. During the breach, our agent successfully … Read more

The Spy who Vanished

Greetings, Special Agent K. We have received information regarding the long lost spy from MI5, Deloris Frozenwood. She went missing in action a few years ago, never to be seen again. From what we understand, she went on to provide services to whoever the highest bidder might be. Before she went rogue, Deloris was a … Read more

Road to Nowhere

Special Agent K, we’ll be needing your assistance on a geolocation matter. One of our clients, a medium sized European goverment agency, has requested we find a needle in a haystack. Our client is involved in fighting terrorist groups in Asia and Africa. Recently, they gained access to a Dropbox account filled with map data. … Read more