Far Away Outpost

Greetings Special Agent K. I hope you’re in the mood for hunting down some poachers. We have a contract from the Kenyan government to track down an animal smuggling and poaching operation. This group uses various humanitarian organizations as fronts for their poaching operations. Often pretending to be building civilian infrastructure to obscure their activities. … Read more

Lost Down Under

Greetings Special Agent K. We need your assistance in an urgent matter. Our client, the Australian Secret Intelligence Agency, ASIS for short, has requested our help to uncover a terrorist organization. This group, who’s name is yet to be uncovered, has shown intent on bombing several locations around Australia. Their origins are confirmed to be … Read more

Klumgongyn Returns

Greetings Special Agent K. We have a very special assignment for you today. You might remember our old friend Klumgongyn. He’s recently turned up again and will be cooperating with us going forward. In what capacity that collaboration is, I cannot say right now. All I can tell you, that below you’ll find a text … Read more

The Listeners

Good day Special Agent K, glad you could make it. One of our oldest clients, a wealthy French businessman, is requesting we find a location where a conversation between two of his rivals will take place. These two have been after our clients’ fortune for a long time, endlessly scheming to end his business endeavors. … Read more