May 2022 – Downtown Murderer

20th of May 2022

Dear Diary. As I sit here in the scorching heat, in a metal box with no airconditioning (which I fixed btw, repair guy never showed up). Are the eyes really the binding factor? Surely the alien I encountered had these two eye colors. The bastards are very good at hiding themselves.

Also as a side note, the police in this country are so dumb. I tried leading them to the same conclusions as me, but they just wouldn’t see it. Fucking nobody would. The sad truth is just that they took her away, and taking her away, that also took him away. And nobody cares about the truth.

It’s what drove me to all of this, I know how to spot them, but the human bodies they took over are being sacrificed in screams of agony to prevent people from finding the truth. I bet making those fake news stories of Hillary Clinton as a lizard alien were a crude joke, to show us what they can get away with.

Anyway back to today… I just got here yesterday, the place is nice. And by the name of the places around here, people are more open to my knowledge here. Once the dust settles (which it never does here if you know what I mean lol). I might open a business here, I’m sure the aliens come back here as well just to taunt us more. Maybe open a little gift shop that doubles as my lab?

So getting here was okay, I thought they would have stopped me at the airport. I’m sure one of their little agents, called me in after they cracked the archive. But then again, the police here is so fucking dumb. I mean I literally blog about the experiments and my ideas and nobody ever caught on to that. Some people even just randomly liked my stories, again probably the aliens letting me know they’re laughing at me.

You know diary, that’s what actually makes me mad. I started this to just prove that they exist, but as they kept taunting, even after taking them both away from me.. It just grew into pure hatred over time. What came from a place of understanding and wanting to know the WHY of her death. Has grown into hate after years of being taunted by them. They can pretend they’re not aliens, but these days I get intense satisfaction when I see the life drain from their eyes. Even as they keep up the façade of being a real human, I know what they are and fucking enjoy their pain. They deserve it.

That reminds me, the only issue I see around there is that it’s fuck-all nowhere. People going missing here will get much more attention than in a city. I might have to move my operations to Las Vegas. Killings there are normal, I will get away with anything. I know this because the lord is watching me, HE knows what I do is righteous for humankind. We are under attack by these creatures and he guides me as I end them.

Sorry for trailing off so much diary. This damn heat is killing me here, I already miss the Chicago winters! It does make me wonder though, will they ever find me? Or will they actually get thrown off by thinking my ticket was a decoy?

Hold on diary, speaking of the devil, the AC repair guy is outside. Too late but hey, I’ll be right back…

Meanwhile at an undisclosed location in Nevada

“We got a possible location!”

Special Agent Diaz looks at her partner

“Well where is she? And what’s the lead?”

“Just came in through those Tiberian Serpent people. Some subcontractor called Tactical OSINT Agency. From France of all places!”

“What did they get?” Diaz asks surprised

“So they managed to geolocate some trucks from the Nevada Department of Transportation, they were in one of the pictures”

“You’re telling me our government needed the French to recognize our own trucks?”

“Yes ma’m”

“Alright call it in, let’s get units to surround the area, we’ll go in as staff and prevent a barricaded suspect situation”

A few minutes later, Diaz and her partner Dunham are on their way to Space Station RV Park in Beatty Nevada. Local PD has already setup a perimeter around the area and is informing with RV Park staff about the suspect.

Slowing down and turning off the light signals on her approach, the name of the place dawns on her “Fucking SPACE STATION rv park of all places…” The owner of the park greets her on the corner of the street, where he shows a picture of the trailer and woman they’re looking for.

“She checked in yesterday, about lunch time, 12:30 ish I’d say. Bit of an odd one, but hey it’s a trailer park in the middle of nowhere. Mostly get alien enthusiasts here, so we don’t judge too much.”

“Got it, alright everyone get in breaching positions. Parker and Morena, get in civvies we’re gonna knock on the door and prevent we’re here to fix the AC”