You are part of the OSINT Team of the Intelligence Division for the Tiberian Serpent. An organisation born out of a need to level the playing field with organized crime operating in the dark corners of cyberspace. An organisation whose existence is obscured and their actions denied if caught. You operate with a simple mandate: “Do whatever it takes to get the job done, without harming innocent people”.

The Tiberian Serpent is a group of the most dedicated men and women, driven by a passionate hatred against the evil in this world. They employ their skills tirelessly to make this world safer.

Main Characters

Lead analyst in the OSINT team within Tiberian Serpent’s Intelligence Division

Julia Sharpe
Field Agent for the collaboration between OSINT and HUMINT (Human Intelligence) teams.

Dimitri Zechev
Head of Red Team Operations for the Intelligence Division

Gabriel Adams
Lead for the Tiberian Serpent BTRU (Borderless Tactical Response Unit) Operations units.

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Order of Hades

Several intelligence agencies have found a possible terrorist organisation, operating globally and heavily reliant on cyberspace to communicate. Given the size of their operations and diverse locations, following them across borders and adhering to local laws and policies have made tracking almost impossible. Especially in countries that don’t deem themselves our allies. A taskforce of specialists from several agencies keep in close contact with each other to share intel and take aggressive local action where needed.

The organisation calls themselves the “Order of Hades”. Reason this caught our attention are their modus operandi and name. We believe due to their naming, that they are not connected to anything in the Middle East, Asia or Africa. Making something domestic to Europe or the US very plausible. Hades was the king of the dead and brother to Zeus and Poseidon. In Greek, Hades means “unseen”. This is exactly the way the “Order of Hades” operates. They make no public claims and do anything to cover their tracks, leaving only the dead behind.