A New Era of Change

from[email protected]
to: everyone;hr;company-general
date: August 07, 2022, 17:25 EET
subject: A new era of change

Greetings All,

It is with great pleasure that I announce you the island is ready for habitation. After months of hard work, the nation of Hacktoria is finally completed. As head of the Intelligence Center, upper management has asked me to inform you of the coming changes.

Missions will now be available for the team to pick themselves, depending on priority, these should be picked up immediately. Intelligence work is our main source of revenue, it is therefor imperative these are resolved promptly.

The practice sessions will be deprecated in the future and replaced by these missions, for now they will remain online in the CTF section.

The Island’s documentation is a continues effort and will be expanded at all times. Changes made will be communicated through the News section and the official government Twitter account.

Our Monthly CTF will continue as a training tool. Both to sharpen our skills and as a recruiting effort for new citizens.

The Discord server will be partially remodeled to represent various places on the islands. This allows interaction inside the actual environment of Hacktoria.

In the near future we will add the electorate and voting for the first president of Hacktoria. As well as a more formalized way to register citizenship.

I welcome you all to our great newfound nation of Hacktoria

Best Regards,
Prisha Bhatt
Head of the Hacktoria Intelligence Center
25 Main Serpent Road, 010 Hacktoria