Hacktoria is a game where you become part of a fictional, clandestine secret agency named the Tiberian Order. On this page you find a summary of all Operations and other events that progress the storyline. The in depth stories are found on their respective Operation pages. Contracts usually do not progress the story-line, but might use references from the rest of the stories and lore.

2023 – March – Operation Wiretap

Operation is currently ongoing, story will follow at the end of March…

2023 – February – Operation Nemesis

A man named Hendrik Schneider, working for the Ahemait organization. Helps Maksim Kotova escape to Germany, where he tries to strike a deal with him for a weapons shipment. The Tiberian Order tracks them down and starts a surveillance operation.

2023 – January – Operation Manhunt

During a transport between the ICC Prison in The Hague and US embassy in The Netherlands, Maxim Kotova is freed by Russian government agents. He is placed in a remote location in Cape Verde. Before the Tiberian Order gets to him, he’s contacted and extracted by an organization known as Ahemait.

2022 – December – Klumgongyn behaves like a 5 year old

As the company chatrooms on Discord got completely out of hand. Spurred on by endless meme wars and gif battles, Klumgongyn was fed up and ran away to a tropical island nation. The Tiberian Order had to employ significant resources to locate and retrieve the childish alien Counsel.

2022 – October – The Krohndahkyr

An evil alien race that has been at war with the Klumgon for many years, crashes into earth and starts embedding themselves to lay their eggs. Planning to overtake our oxygen rich planet for themselves. The Tiberian Order and the Klumgon work together in an epic struggle to uncover the location of the Krohndahkyr.

2022 – September – Maksim pulls the strings

Locked away in a prison in The Hague, Maksim orchestrates weapons shipments to be made by a man posing as Maksim. The Tiberian Order catches wind of this and unravels the global supply chain that enables this.

2022 – September – Klumgongyn Returns

After the discontinuation of the island project, The Tiberian Order moves to be a fully decentralized organization. Existing in the shadows, operating out of different facilities as needed. During this time, their old friend Klumgongyn returns and joins as the new head of Counsel. Forming an even deeper relationship between the Klumgon and the Tiberian Order.

2022 – August – The Island Nation of Hacktoria

In an attempt to circumvent national laws, the Tiberian Order purchases an island far off the coast of Spain. As construction is well underway, international pressure and the threat of war forces the island project to be abandoned. The island is vacated and all existing structures rigged with explosives. Tiberian Order employees have an insane party on a fleet of ships as they watch the island explode.

2022 – August – Operation Cigale 1337

A mysterious organization starts recruiting people using a tactic similar to the Cicada 3301 games. The Tiberian Order wants to find out who made these tests. After a long and arduous process, some of the Tiberian Order agents finally crack the code.

2022 – July – Operation The Mona Lisa heist

The Tiberian Order is contacted by INTERPOL to go after art thieves. After stealing several high profile paintings, The Tiberian Order manages to figure out where the next heist will take place. The police in Wien is able to catch the thieves red handed.

2022 – June = Operation Mare Nostrum

The Tiberian Order is contracted by the government of Greece to investigate a weapons smuggling operation. A shell corporation under the name “Emerald Operators” uses high-tech submarines to smuggle guns into Greek territory. The Tiberian Order successfully locates the next delivery location. Allowing Greek authorities to arrest several key figures.

2022 – May – Operation Downtown Murderer

A woman named Emily is on a quest to find aliens, who once crashed a spaceship into her mother by accident. She leaves a trail of death, cutting the eyes out of her victims. Believing the eyes will prove who is an alien. Analysts from the Tiberian Order eventually track her down to a trailer park in Nevada, where local police arrest her.

2022 – April – Operation Galaxios

Klumgongyn, an alien belonging to the Klumgon race, who have long been in contact with a select group of humans, crashes his ship into earth. He is abducted by the Order of Hades. Luckily, the Tiberian Order is able to help him escape.

2022 – March – Operation Brutus

After successfully detaining Maksim and dealing a blow to the Order of Hades, the Tiberian Order gets a new assignment to go after an animal smuggling organization. Mostly operating between Africa and China, the team successfully locks up several key figures.

2022 – February – Operation Runner

Maksim and his family fled to Argentina. Luckily his daughter has terrible opsec and shares her travels using Instagram. The Tiberian Order manages to track the family across Argentina and later Panama. Where Maksim is finally arrested.

2022 – January – Operation Warthog

The Order of Hades appears as Maksim Kotova tries to smuggle a train full of weapons into Ukraine. Being stopped at the last moment as they pass from Belgorod towards Kharkiv. Maksim however goes missing.