Operation: Wiretap


“Welcome to my humble abode, Mr Kotova”

Hendrik opens the door to his house in the tiny German hamlet. The place he’s called home for many years now. The very place he joined the Ahemait online and does most of the work for the organization from.

“Very nice, but please call me Maksim. In Russia, we become friends after we get drunk together”

“Of course, Maksim. Speaking of drinks, let me get us some schnapps and explain our plans in more detail”

Hendrik opens a large wooden cabinet in the corner of the room. It’s filled with bottles of all kinds. He reaches for a fancy looking bottle of schnapps and gets two glasses to go with it. Filling both to the brim as he sits down in a leather chair and invites Maksim to take a seat as well. Both raise their glasses.

“To our future collaboration, prost!”

“Yes, to many years of good business and health. Na Zdorovie!”

The men both chug their glass in one go. Feeling the liquid courage glide down their throats as they exhale heavily. Hendrik wastes no time filling up again as Maksim begins to speak.

“So, besides saving me from the hand of the Tiberian Order, what am I doing here?”

“Yes, you see the annual Ahemait meeting is just around the corner. My superiors are planning to unveil all operations for the next year. However, the largest of these will require a substantial amount of small arms and various gasses. The small arms do not pose such a problem. However, we require some biological weapons as well. There are certain groups of people we want to eradicate a bit more efficiently.”

“I see, and these gasses. Do they have to kill nicely? And do they only need to affect airways?”

“Not at all, the more suffering and pain is induced on the sinners, the more clean their souls arrive in the afterlife. For some of them, the agony might be enough to redeem themselves.”

Maksim smiles as he downs another glass of schnapps.

“This should not be a problem. A train full of great materials can be moved next week already if needed. The stuff made in the Soviet Union never had to cater to those humane and sad Western standards.”

“Excellent. So, lets talk logistics and pricingโ€ฆ.”


Greetings, Special Agent K.

Excellent work on locating the residence of Hendrik Schneider. We’ve been in contact with local authorities and acquired a permission to wiretap the residency. Over the past several days we’ve had agents stationed around the area to observe all movements.

Several methods of intercepting communication were installed around the residence as well. Including a tap on the internet connection. Given the vast amounts of data we’ve recovered, all of this will need to be distributed among several teams for further analysis.

It has come to our attention that the Ahemait have a yearly conference. This event is always covered by some form of shell company or organization. Nothing is known of the location or time this event takes place. We hope though, that some of the intercepted data will give us more information about this event.

We’ve taken a part of the internet wiretap and assigned it to you. Please find out if it contains anything useful for finding the time and place for this conference.

As always, Special Agent K. Best of luck on this operation.


Will be posted after the event concludes…

Materials and Answer Instruction

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1 – Figure out the answer to the Operation

2 – Construct the password using instruction below to unlock the “flagfile”

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