Operation: Nemesis

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“So, Mr Schneider, how about a drink?”

Maksim opened a bottle of vodka and poured two full glasses, immediately downing his own and pouring a new one. He was quite nervous and irritated, as this place was supposed to be secure. But obliviously this man had somehow found him. He reached out his hand to give Schneider his drink.

“Here, it’s paradise and you look like you should relax for once”

Hendrik looked at the glass and then back at Maksim. Taking a short pause before accepting the liquid offer and sitting down in one of the large leather chairs. Staring out the window he started to talk.

“Mr Kotova, I am with an organization known as Ahemait. We are the arm of the righteous, here to rid the world of sinners. Unfortunately, this arm is not well armed right now. That is where you come in. We know your reputation for getting any kind of weapons to anyone who wants them. In return, we’ll get you to safety and pay you very well.”

Maksim looked surprised.

“Safety? Mr Schneider I am guarded by my countries’ secret service and under the protection of bribed local officials. What safety are you talking about?”

Hendrik Schneider smiled slightly.

“Those people who put you away last time, Tiberian Order this organization is called. One of their teams has found you. They’re planning to raid this very hotel and take you with them, dead or alive this time.”

“How do you know this?!” Maksim asked with renewed levels of anxiety.

“While trying to find to you, we also bribed local officials here. This person than told us some agents from the Tiberian Order came around to ask about you. They are planning their next move.”

Maksim looked serious and downed his next glass of vodka in one big gulp.

“Why would I come with you? I can have my own people extract me.”

“Yes you could, however, we’ve talked to your handler and agreed on keeping you safe in return for your services. Tiberian Order will never suspect this. Here’s the official document from your side.”

“Okay, so what next? Where do we go?”

“Make a phone call to your handler, tell him you’ve agreed to the temporary transfer. I will have our ship ready in 30 minutes.”


Greetings, Special Agent K.

As you know, Maksim Kotova was no longer present at the location once the B.T.R.U. arrived. He seems to have been picked up by a friendly organization, who was also aware of our plans to arrest Maksim.

In collaboration with the Cape Verdean government, we were able to obtain permission to send a forensics unit on scene. This team swept Maksim’s hotel room and found several other prints. One set of these belongs to a wanted man named Hendrik Schneider.

Schneider is part of a terrorist organization going by the name of “Ahemait”. This is in referral to the Egyptian goddess Ammit, the devourer of souls. Ammit is known for being part of the judging of the souls, eating the heart of those who are not worthy of the afterlife, to die again. The Ahemait organization is convinced they are eradicating unworthy human beings from our planet.

Unfortunately we do not have a lot to go on here. The organization left no trace in extracting Maksim. All we have is the URL of their website. https://www.ahemait.com

Please do see what you can uncover on that website.

As always, Special Agent K. Best of luck on this operation.


Agent Ben Wilder, member of the 2nd FIELD OPS Group drives his car through the village on the pristine German road. The camera’s in his car filming everything around him, while his wireless kit scans all possible RF landscapes around him. After a few runs they’re ready to get more imaging over to their assigned ASIC unit.

After the two runs, he changes cars with one of the other agents and goes back for the next part of their assignment. Installing the actual wiretaps on the neighborhood metering points. While the other agent keeps a careful eye out for the return of Hendrik Schneider, Ben installs the taps and places several listening devices and cameras around the house.

Driving out to towards the highway, Ben gets on his phone and contacts their Vizier, Julia Sharpe.

“Jules it’s Ben, all taps are installed and we have audio and visuals too”

“Nice one, let me verify we’re getting everything here”

“Sure hope this guy watches less 4K porn than the previous place we tapped, that was so much data to get through”

“Look Ben, it wasn’t you who had to look at this guys fetishes. And we didn’t even find anything. Worst part were the damn camera’s in the apartment. Some people, fucking seriously.”

“Hey we’re not after pedos, just some international terrorists operating out of Germany. Getting some nice Die Hard vibes here.”

“That’s enough Ben. Anything else to report from the area?”

“No, all seems quiet here Jules. So lets hope nothing breaks, too many nosy neighbors here without a life. Can’t just sneak around and install anything here.”

“Alright, speak of the devil, we got a signal. Guess who just came home?”

“We got Hendrik back already? Must have come in the other way”

“Yep and…. Lot’s of streaming video data already by the looks of it”

“Hahahaha have fun with that Jules. Me and Steiner are off to grab some beer and schnitzels, maybe say hi to some friends at Rammstein. Have fun looking at the data, nerds.”

“Ben I will glue your dick to your desk and toss you out the window when you get back”

“Love you too Jules, bye!”

“Fuck you Ben!”

Materials and Answer Instruction

Steps to complete:

1 – Figure out the answer to the Operation

2 – Construct the password using instruction below to unlock the “flagfile”

3 – Use the “answer code” from “flagfile” to submit your score via the form below

Password instruction for flagfile, all lowercase: city-country-secretcode

Sample password: rome-italy-555

Download the Flagfile

Answer Submission Form

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Scoreboard: Operation Nemesis

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