Operation: Mare Nostrum

This Operation has concluded and is now closed for participation. See our most recent Operation in the Operation Category for the ongoing event.


The submarine glided through the dark waters of the Mediterranean Sea, its powerful engines propelling it forward as it made its way along the coast of Greece. Captain Alex Thompson stood on the bridge, his eyes fixed on the instruments and screens that surrounded him.

He had been on this mission for weeks now, scouting the coastline for a good opportunity to surface and gather intelligence on the enemy’s movements. Every bit of information they could gather was crucial to the success of their mission.

As the submarine approached a rocky outcropping near the shore, Alex signaled for his crew to be on alert. They were getting close to the point where they would have to make a decision about whether or not to surface.

The crew worked quickly, preparing the submarine for the ascent. Alex watched as the instrument panels came to life, and the engines began to whine as they powered up.

Finally, with a lurch, the submarine broke the surface of the water and emerged into the cool evening air. Alex breathed a sigh of relief as he looked out at the rugged coastline, grateful to be able to stretch his legs and take in some fresh air after so many days cooped up in the cramped confines of the vessel.

The crew quickly set to work, gathering intelligence and taking readings of the surrounding area. They worked quickly and efficiently, knowing that they couldn’t afford to be caught out in the open for too long.

As the sun began to set, Alex gave the order to submerge once more and head back out to sea. It had been a successful mission, and he was already planning their next move. There was still so much work to be done, but with each passing day, they were one step closer to victory.


from[email protected]
to[email protected]
date: June 01, 2022, 21:00 EET
subject: Briefing “Opration Mare Nostrum”

Hi there,

I hope you’re a fan of spy novels, because the case that we have today is a wild one. As you know, the Tiberian Serpent has a few competitors, mainly other clandestine intelligence operators and some private military contractors. Not all of these companies are as ethical as we are.

Last month one of our cells operating in the Mediterranean sea, picked up signals of submarine traffic. Interestingly enough the vessel was almost undetectable, moving at 53.8 knots as recorded by our ship. We contacted a few of the more capable nations around the Mediterranean sea, non of them reported operating submarines moving at this speed.

Fast forward to one week ago, a friendly agency in Greece reported a submarine offloading cargo in the middle of the night. It didn’t seem like a lot, just a couple of water proof looking crates. The reports came from a few Australian tourists who happened to be stargazing on Neraki Beach. The couple managed to sneak some pictures, which we’re still trying to obtain from Greek authorities.

Now looking at our competitors in this space and especially around the Mediterranean sea, one unethical company comes to mind. Going by the name “Emerald Operators”, EO for short. They focus on maritime transportation of valuable goods and VIP protections mostly. Having them as an initial suspect, the government of Greece agreed to free up som EU money and have us probe around a bit.

Yesterday one of my Red Team members, Gina Roberts, managed to exploit the browser of one of their agent handlers. Unfortunately not a regular staff member, but a freelancer it seems. No breaches including email or backend systems, but we did get ourselves access to a portion of a Google Drive containing the files this agent handler was allowed to work with.

You probably know where this is going, we need you to make sense of the data. So far we identified the following information to be important for retrieval: 

  • Locate the safe houses used by the field agents
  • Locate their areas of interest, most likely on satellite images somewhere
  • Find the password(s) for files where needed
  • Find their cargo pick-up location for their next job

As always, happy hunting. The Greek government is paying some good money for this, so let’s deliver them our best work.


The submarine slipped silently out of the small port on the coast of Greece, its engines barely a whisper in the stillness of the night. Inside the vessel, Captain Maria Rodriguez stood on the bridge, her eyes fixed on the instruments and screens that surrounded her.

She had just successfully completed her mission, delivering a shipment of weapons to a terrorist organization that was fighting against the government. It was a risky job, but one that paid well and allowed her to support her family back home.

As the submarine slipped beneath the surface of the water and began its journey back to base, Maria couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. She knew that what she was doing was wrong, and that the weapons she had just delivered would be used to kill and maim innocent people.

But she also knew that she had no choice. She had to support her family, and this was the only way she could do it. So she pushed the doubts and guilt to the back of her mind and focused on the task at hand.

It was a long journey back to base, and Maria and her crew spent most of it in silence, lost in their own thoughts. When they finally arrived, they were met with cheers and congratulations from their superiors.

But as Maria stepped off the submarine and headed home, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had just made a terrible mistake. She knew that she would have to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life, and that weighed heavily on her as she lay down to sleep that night.

Materials and Answer Instruction

Link to files: https://bit.ly/3PL6FfL

Scoreboard: Operation Mare Nostrum

Special Agent CallsignPosition
Stray60 – 80
Biscuit60 – 80
DerMichael60 – 80
Dirion840 – 80
VEEH40 – 80
Ömer Levent Durdali20 – 80
TheFirgg20 – 80
7069wrk10 – 80
nxxn10 – 80

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