Operation: Galaxios

This Operation has concluded and is now closed for participation. See our most recent Operation in the Operation Category for the ongoing event.


Lights blaring and all engines down, Klumgongyn held on for dear life as the ship crashed into earth. After what seemed like an eternity, the ship came to a standstill. Immediately disembarking, Klumgongyn looked around… Dammit! Fucking Australia! Annoying by the inconvenient landing site, Klumgongyn began to walk towards a place he knew to be nearby. A cave with pairings of his ancestors, the elders who had helped the humans build their planet.

Waiting for about a day, a dust cloud appeared over the horizon. A few fossil fueled vehicles with war enthusiastic looking males approached Klumgongyn. Thinking this was his human rescue party, he came out of the cave and approached them. One of the men suddenly pulled out a gun looking object and fired a dart into Klumgongyn. Drifting off to sleep, Klumgongyn felt dumb for not confirming with the safe word.

Being rudely awoken by one of the men, Klumgongyn woke up in haze and noticed he was chained to a weird looking tree. After the bearded man confirmed him to be alive, Klumgongyn was again left to his own devices. Noticed leaves of the nearby tree taped to the wound of his left leg, he figured these dodgy lads would at least want to keep him alive. Without them suspecting a thing, Klumgongyn began to draw his surroundings on a notepad still in his pocket. Frisking was not a thing that concerned these people it seemed. Snapping a picture of the drawing, he sent it to the emergency frequency of the Tiberian Serpent.


from: [email protected]
to: [email protected]
date: April 01, 2022, 21:00 EET
subject: Briefing Operation Galaxios

We come in peace,

Just kidding, we never do. Good thing we finally got that Kotova guy, excellent work! After suffering a large blow to their income, the Order of Hades has decided to start a more lucrative business. Unfortunately it’s one the world really cannot use right now.

As you know we’ve been in contact with our Alien friends for many generations now. Somehow we’ve all been able to keep this from the public, (although some of them have suspicions) allowing us to work closely together. The Order of Hades is now threatening to put an end to all this.

Recently, during a routine visit for soil samples and gathering some local wildlife as snacks, one of our Alien friends crashed. We do not know the exact location, given the speed of the ship and time we lost contact, the ship impacted earth roughly one hour ago. On board was our friend Klumgongyn.

Being not a very skilled pilot after only living 325 human years, Klumgongyn sent out a distress signal right before crashing. After that signal, we received additional communication in the form of scanned writings. We therefor have reason to believe Klumgongyn is still alive. Although this should not matter, I’m sure you can imagine the impact of a citizen finding an alien corpse laying around.

Monitoring of the Order of Hades communication channels, indicates they are also aware of the crash and are actively searching for Klumgongyn. It’s your task to establish communication with Klumgongyn, guide our guest to safety and off our planet.

The scanned writings sent after the distress signal are attached below. You will have to translate it as our first step to finding Klumgongyn. Our alien friends have a ship moving closer to earth, it is unfortunately outside our communication range. We cannot ask them for a translation right now.


As the day went by, Klumgongyn was fed some local fruits and water, before being loaded into a helicopter. The men apparently though he would not hear them, since they openly discussed their plans while in the air. Silly humans, they had no idea Klumgongyn was able to listen to every word said over their headsets. They were taking him to some place that “accelerated particles?”. After landing in what seemed a less favorable part of this human place, Klumgongyn was taken on another fossil fueled flying machine, one of which the humans were very fond, their airplanes take the stressed out creatures to all sorts of places they deem exotic. Which is funny, because it doesn’t even leave their planet.

Klumgongyn decides to try and make a dash for it. Since these humans are so oblivious to his capabilities, Klumgongyn devised a plan. He requests one of the men to use the bathroom. Convincing the human that he needed to defecate. Once in the toilet stall, Klumgongyn dials in the coordinates of the obelisk…

With a loud flash, Klumgongyn wakes up. Looking up, he is surprised not to see an Obelisk and ancient human architecture. Before his eyes stands a cartoon looking statue of some mice, he believes they represent? Looking around, it becomes clear he completely missed his target. Quickly hiding in the nearby bushes, Klumgongyn snaps a picture of the statue and sends it to the Tiberian Serpent.

Not long after, a text message comes through. Finally! The coordinates of the Obelisk! Klumgongyn copy pastes the details into his teleport app and flashes to a new destination. Arriving perfectly in an empty alley in the middle of the night, he smashes the windows of a nearby clothing store to disguise as a religious human. This region of the earth, with covering clothing, is perfect for this type of disguise…

Waiting through the night, loitering around the obelisk, Klumgongyn finally receives the much needed activation code. Stepping up to the obelisk, he finds the correct stones to tap. Punching in the code awkwardly as other visitors stare at him, his watch begins to beep. Quickly moving away from the crowds, back into the alley, a bright light suddenly overcomes him. Awakening moments later on the Galaxios, one of their prime flagships of the 5th Intergalactic Fleet, Klumgongyn loos directly into the eyes of his commander. The old timer stares at him and says “How about that pilot retraining program? Think you need it NOW?!”

A few hours later, Klumgongyn and his commanding officer sit down in one of the Galaxios her meeting rooms. In a conference call with the humans at the Tiberian Serpent, it becomes clear the organization behind Klumgongyns’ abduction is the Order of Hades. After hearing the antics of this organization, the commanding officer of the Galaxios asks the Tiberian Serpent representatives for the location of the Order of Hades. Currently residing in the wilderness of South Africa, in a large colonial estate.

With the press of a few buttons, a light beam shoots towards earth. Impacting with such force that the estate and all surrounding buildings are instantly reduced to a hole in the ground. Ending all important figures in the Order of Hades in a blaze of glory…

Materials and Answer Instruction

Step 01

The scanned writings sent after the distress signal are attached below. You will have to translate it as our first step to finding Klumgongyn.

Step 02

Great, now we know that Klumgongyn is alive, we were able to intercept another message. Our comms technician has written it down. We believe it will give information about where Klumgongyn might be. See if you can again translate the message and locate Klumgongyn.

Step 03

Great work on finding Klumgongyn! We sent in the BTRU (Borderless Tactical Response Unit) to rescue our alien friend. Unfortunately the Order of Hades beat us to the location and has taken Klumgongyn. During a further sweep of the area, we received a transmission. Using an alien version of a smartwatch, our friend managed to draw their current surroundings. The geolocation functionality of this watch is not usable on our planet, luckily Klumgongyn is an amazing artist. This image should help to locate the group.

Step 04

The BTRU is finally on their way to the island, though given the size of the place, finding Klumgongyn might be difficult. While waiting for their arrival, we’ve received another message from our Klumgongyn. Find out what it means, it seems like our friend needs help. If my memory serves me well, Klumgongyn started a blog last time when visiting earth, maybe that has something to do with this.

Step 05

Great, it seems Klumgongyn is still alive! The island was far too big to find any trace of our guest, luckily Klumgongyn is hyper intelligent and was able to sneak us another message. Our communication specialist wrote it down again. Find out where they’re taking Klumgongyn again, we have to catch up to these people soon! The Alien ship is also nearing comms range, I’m sure they will be very displeased with the Order of Hades, maybe this can work in our favor if we bring back Klumgongyn alive and well.

Step 06

We have new communication from Klumgongyn, this time already translated. The mothership is within our comms range, but not close enough to locate Klumgongyn. It seems that when teleporting out of the airplane, our guest managed to teleport to a wrong location. Find out where Klumgongyn is and where the Obelisk is that our alien friend needs to go. This Obelisk has an emergency beacon built in, once activated Klumgongyn will be able to extract.

  • Located in the Al-Matarriyah district of Cairo, Egypt
  • Largest surviving monument from Heliopolis
  • Oldest obelisk in existence
  • Was part of a temple of Re-Atum constructed by Pharaoh Senusret 1
  • Stands at 69 feet high and weight 120 tons
  • There is an eagle glyph at the top of the obelisk

Current Location:

Step 07

Excellent work! Klumgongyn is almost ready for extraction. Our guest is currently disguised as a human and loitering around the Obelisk. To safely extract, Klumgongyn needs to activate an ancient form of MFA. On the Obelisk, there is code that needs to be tapped on one of the stones. This will verify it’s the right person being extracted. Klumgongyn forgot the MFA codes, so the alien ship has sent us a recovery code via audio message.

Download the file here

Scoreboard: Operation Galaxios

Special Agent CallsignPosition
CyberVikingUK70 – 70
COA70 – 70
Stray7370 – 70
B!B70 – 70
Veeh70 – 70
Vert1cal70 – 70
7069wrk70 – 70
Taro70 – 70
theNerdInTheHighCastle70 – 70

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