Cigale 1337

This Capture the Flag event is themed after the legendary Cicada 3301 puzzles from 2012-2014. We have no affiliation with Cicada 3301, other than using the mystery as inspiration for this story driven CTF event.


  • CTF will be open to submissions until 31.08.2022 at 23:59 EET
  • There will be no immediate response to the answer you submit
  • There is only one answer at the end of this CTF
  • Finishers will be posted to the “finishers 2022” page in the first week of September 2022

Mission Briefing

from: [email protected]
to[email protected]
date: August 01, 2022, 21:00 EET
subject: Briefing “Cigale 1337”


Hope your vacation went well! It’s good to have you back, we’ve got an unusual job for you that has the highest priority. You’re probably familiar with the Cicada 3301 puzzles from years ago. The internet hype that had people chasing around the world.

So, recently we’ve discovered what seems to be a recruitment effort by one of our competing agencies. Dimitri and his team have some indication that they’re based in France, but we’re not sure about this. They’ve taken a name close to Cicada, well the same but in French, and added different numbers. 

It seems they’re using this as a recruitment tool to find new talent. As it stands, the market is fairly tight to find good OSINT people and hackers alike. With world war three kicking off, everyone needs more intel people. 

Since this undermines our efforts of hiring the best people, HR asked us to find out what this puzzle is all about. Basically we want to complete it, understand it and possibly figure out who’s behind this. Most importantly, to figure out the actual puzzle. This will give us an estimate of the level of expertise our competitors are looking for.

There’s a slim chance of uncovering their shady puzzle. Below you find a link. It’s a password encrypted file with a riddle attached. Unfortunately that’s all we have, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out from here.

Good luck and happy hunting,

Best Regards,
Julia Sharpe
Head of HUMINT Operations
Tiberian Serpent HQ

Answer Submission


Cigale 1337

Passing score for this event is 70%. Browsing questions is possible without submitting.

Fill your callsign and e-mail address. These will be used for the sending of your certificate of completion.

1 / 5

What are the first 3 words of the riddle text?

2 / 5

What is the domain you constructed before redirection?

3 / 5

What is the filename of the video the text file leads to?

(without .mp4)

4 / 5

What is the text found in the video?

5 / 5

What is the end location?

Answer format: ****** ****** **** ********

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