Red Spies Below

During the construction of our newfound nation, surveillance drones picked up a signal off our coastline. About 5 miles west of our islands. Upon closer inspection, a submarine surfaced and began openly filming our efforts with high resolution camera equipement.

Inspecting the image a little closer, our drone operator identified a Chinese flag on the vessel. What is unknown however, is the class of submarine. Until we get our defensive capabilities installed, we’re very vulnerable to attacks.

Not being an EU, NATO or other alliance member at this time, we would rely solely on the goodwill of our allies to help us out.

It is therefor imperative we find out what class this submarine is. We need to know if the Chinese sent offensive capabilities close to our newfound shores, or if this was just them being nosy.

Report your answers below, we have chatter that the correct identification will also fall on eager ears with out European partners. Proving what types of submarine the Chinese send next to European waters will further establish the usefulness of our nation to the European continent.

Good luck, the eyes of the world are upon you.


Red Spies Below

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What class submarine is this?

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