You are part of the OSINT Team of the Intelligence Division for the Tiberian Serpent. An organisation born out of a need to level the playing field with organized crime operating in the dark corners of cyberspace. An organisation who’s existence is obscured and their actions denied if caught. You operate with a simple mandate: “Do whatever it takes to get the job done, without harming innocent people”.

The Tiberian Serpent is a group of the most dedicated men and women, driven by a passionate hatred against the evil in this world. They employ their skills tirelessly to make this world safer.

Julia Sharpe

Head of HUMINT

Julia is the team leader for the HUMINT teams. She’s excellent at reading both her environment and the people around her. Not afraid to thrust herself into dangerous situations and quick to talk herself out of any situation. Although she might seem cold, her coworkers describe her as “delightful, humorous yet frightening”. Her out of work interests are unknown, because she has non. When she’s not out in the field, Julia spends her time convincing interns back at HQ to do her paperwork for her

Gabriel Adams

Head of the BTRU

Gabriel always knew he liked fighting, from an early age he competed in kickboxing and later krav-maga. During his teenage years his father told him to shoot and often took him on long camping trips during summer. When turning eighteen, Gabriel joined the USMC and served for over ten years, completing several tours oversees. During repatriation after his last tour, he met a man in bar in Belize, this man saw potential and ended up recruiting Gabriel as head of the BTRU.