The Krohndahkyr are an alien race far more advanced than human civilization. Having surpassed humanity thousands of years in technology, the Krohndahkyr have been at war with the Klumgon ever since they existed. Being exiled by the Klumgon from their home planet, the Krohndahkyr found a new home on the planet Ypsilohr. Placing them in the far outer reaches of the galaxy, they rely on their superior technology to interact with other civilizations.

During the Great Wars, taking place between 30 BC and 210 AD in human times, the Krohndahkyr taught many human civilizations new technologies and tried to win them over in favor of the Klumgon. It is believed they taught very prominent civilizations at the time of war tactics and language.

Not much else is know at this point, beyond the horror stories told by the Klumgon. The Krohndahkyr invaded earth a few more times, but mostly for research purposes. Being responsible for many of the mysterious alien sightings.

However, some examples of their ancient language have been found. The translations often remain a mystery. A small collection has been dug up, dating back between 400 BC to 800 AD.

Letter K from the Krohndahkyr language, also used as the main symbol by this race.

Language Samples

Below symbols were found on ancient graves in what is now England. The plaque was found on the island of Sardinia. A separate Contract has been issued to the Tiberian Order to translate this ancient language. Which is believed to be the foundation for a human language used during the Great Wars.

Below are all identified characters from inside the tombs and graves, found and identified in several human civilizations across the world.



Bahrandyr was born into the Krohndahkyr race on Ypsilohr, a planet located in the outer rim of the galaxy. Like all members of his species, he possessed reptilian features, including sharp teeth and a scaly appearance. However, Bahrandyr’s most striking feature was the long, tentacle-like mane that hung from his face, a trait that set him apart from his peers and made him a distinctive figure on his homeworld.

Growing up on Ypsilohr, Bahrandyr quickly showed a talent for leadership and strategy. He was a natural born tactician, able to anticipate his enemies’ movements and coordinate complex operations with ease. His fellow Krohndahkyrs looked up to him, and he quickly rose through the ranks of the military, becoming one of the youngest commanders in the history of his species.

As the commander of the 2nd Intergalactic Fleet, Bahrandyr oversaw a vast array of ships and personnel, and his reputation for ruthlessness and efficiency soon spread throughout the galaxy. He was a master at using deception and misdirection to outwit his enemies, and his strategic mind allowed him to think several steps ahead of his opponents.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Bahrandyr was a just and fair leader. He cared deeply for the well-being of his troops, and was always willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect those under his command. He knew that war was a dangerous business, and that sometimes the only way to achieve peace was through strength and determination.

Throughout his long and illustrious career, Bahrandyr became a legend among his people, inspiring countless others to follow in his footsteps and strive for greatness.


Khrelonyr was born on the planet Krohndahk, a world located in the outer rim of the galaxy. The Krohndahkyr race is known for their reptilian features, with long tentacle-like manes on their face, sharp teeth, and a reptilian look. Khrelonyr was born with exceptional physical abilities, even for a Krohndahkyr. He was quick, agile, and had excellent reflexes. He was also highly intelligent and possessed a natural aptitude for leadership.

Khrelonyr joined the Krohndahkyr military at a young age and quickly rose through the ranks. He served in several wars, leading his troops to many victories. He became known as a skilled strategist and a fearless warrior. His leadership abilities were soon recognized, and he was appointed as the commander of the 110th Intergalactic Marines.

Under his command, the 110th Intergalactic Marines became one of the most feared military units in the galaxy. Khrelonyr led his troops to victory after victory, earning the respect of his enemies and the admiration of his allies. He was a brilliant tactician, always staying one step ahead of his opponents. His troops followed him without question, knowing that he would always lead them to victory.

Despite his many victories, Khrelonyr was not without his flaws. He was known for his temper and his ruthless tactics on the battlefield. He was willing to do whatever it took to win, even if it meant sacrificing his own troops. This made him a controversial figure among some, but his success on the battlefield could not be denied.

Khrelonyr continues to serve as the commander of the 110th Intergalactic Marines, leading his troops to new victories and cementing his place as one of the greatest military leaders in the galaxy.


Vihiklaesch was born on the planet Krohndahk, a world located in the outer rim of the galaxy. As a member of the Krohndahkyr race, he possessed reptilian features, with a long tentacle-like mane on his face, sharp teeth, and a reptilian look. However, Vihiklaesch’s passion lay in the stars above. From a young age, he was fascinated by the concept of flight and the vast expanse of space.

Vihiklaesch’s dream was to become a pilot and explore the galaxy. He worked hard to achieve his goal, studying tirelessly and training rigorously to perfect his piloting skills. His dedication paid off, and he was accepted into the prestigious 2nd Intergalactic Fleet as a pilot.

Vihiklaesch quickly proved himself to be an exceptional pilot, with a natural talent for maneuvering his spacecraft through even the most treacherous of situations. He was fearless in battle, always willing to take risks to ensure victory for his fleet. His sharp reflexes and quick thinking made him a valuable asset to the 2nd Intergalactic Fleet.

Over the years, Vihiklaesch rose through the ranks, earning the respect of his fellow pilots and the admiration of his superiors. He became known as a skilled and reliable pilot, always willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect his fleet and his comrades.

Despite his success, Vihiklaesch remained humble and focused on his duty to the 2nd Intergalactic Fleet. He continued to hone his skills and perfect his techniques, always striving to be the best pilot he could be.

As a member of the 2nd Intergalactic Fleet, Vihiklaesch has explored the galaxy and defended his race against countless threats. He is a hero to his people and a legend among the pilots of the Krohndahkyr race.


Neklohyr was born on the planet Krohndahk, a world located in the outer rim of the galaxy, and a member of the Krohndahkyr race, known for their reptilian features, with long tentacle-like manes on their face, sharp teeth, and a reptilian look. However, unlike many of his fellow Krohndahkyr, Neklohyr did not feel drawn to the military or the thrill of battle. Instead, he was fascinated by the intricate mechanisms that kept their civilization running smoothly and the complex systems that kept their people safe.

As he grew older, Neklohyr honed his skills in engineering and systems analysis, determined to use his talents to protect his people. He eventually landed a job as a defense analyst for the Krohndahkyr Intergalactic Command, tasked with studying and assessing potential threats to their civilization.

Neklohyr quickly proved himself to be an invaluable asset to the Krohndahkyr Intergalactic Command, with his keen mind and sharp analytical skills allowing him to spot potential weaknesses in their defenses and come up with innovative solutions to address them. He was able to identify patterns in enemy attacks, decipher their tactics, and predict their next moves.

Despite the often tedious and bureaucratic nature of his work, Neklohyr remained passionate and dedicated to his job, knowing that the safety and security of his people depended on it. He spent long hours poring over data and running simulations, always searching for new ways to improve their defenses and stay one step ahead of their enemies.

Over the years, Neklohyr became known as a respected authority on defense strategy, sought out by military leaders and politicians alike for his expertise. He continued to work tirelessly, using his knowledge and skills to keep the Krohndahkyr race safe and secure in a dangerous and unpredictable universe.