Intelligence Center

At the core of our business and one of our main sources of revenue, is the Intelligence Center. Formerly part of The Tiberian Serpent, now an organization within the Hacktorian government.

The center lies north east of Tiber city, between Mount Vesuvius and Mount Para. The facility houses all Analysts, Red and Blue Team Operations. As well as several Research Facilities.

Guarded by towers, walls and checkpoints, this highly secure facility is only accessible to personnel working in the facility. There are no guided tours and trespassers will be arrested or shot on sight, depending on the circumstances of the trespassing.

Made out of materials that make heat signals, wireless and other technologies incapable of penetrating the facilities buildings, as well as shielding from CBRN, EMP and direct artillery hits, with most work happening under ground.

Outsourcing intelligence work to Hacktoria means results, integrity, confidentiality, security and peace of mind for our clients.

If you believe you have what it takes to be employed at our Intelligence Center, participate in our Monthly CTF exercises and show your skills.