Hank’s Handyman Services

Operated by Hank Wilsson, this family owned handyman services shop has it’s roots deep inside the Tiberian Serpents early days. Having spent several years in the US Army Rangers, later taking a job for another 10 years with the Tiberian Serpents, Borderless Tactical Response Unit. Hank always had a knack for fixing anything his hands could touch. Teaching his two daughters how to fix anything and everything, he decided it was time to retire from war-fighting when Hacktoria was founded. Moving his family to the new found nation to form our local Handyman Services company.

Whatever you need done, from plumbing, painting to installing a new kitchen, the Wilsson family is there to help out. Give them a call or send an email for inquiries, though don’t call after dinner time, his wife Martha will never have you hear the end of it.