Fast & Friendly Motorshop

Although cars for private use are a rare sight on the Hacktorian islands, people do need methods of transportation. Fast and Friendly Motorshop has you covered! We offer a selection of e-scooters, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars and electric cargo bikes.

Other services include maintenance, spare parts ordering and regular check-ups. If it has wheels, we’re the place to go. We’re also the only gas station on Hacktoria that provides fuel for cars. Boats can of course re-fuel at the harbor. Road side services are available and vehicle towing are available 24/7, though for emergency only. If at all possible, please park your vehicle safely and arrange alternative transportation for the time being.

Our opening hours are mon-sat 09:00 to 18:00, located in the city center of Tiber. Phone number for inquiries and emergency vehicle recovery: +555-618508

Vehicle Listings

All vehicles listed come with taxes included in the price. Given limited availability on the islands, citizens are only allowed to own one of each vehicle type.

Customizations and different colors can be outfitted after purchase. All vehicles are used but in excellent condition. Due to trade restrictions, new vehicles are not available in Hacktoria. However, all vehicles are purchased from their first owners and in excellent condition.


An excellent bike for all types of terrain. From the mountains to city streets, with it’s medium wide tires and good grip, large wheels and 21 gears, this bike is suitable for all conditions. Optional assecories can be puchased in our store. Please note that having front (white) and rear (red) lighting is mandatory after sunset.

E-Scooter – 1000 HC

The closest thing to walking without getting tired. Zip accros the road with a lightweight e-scooter! No more walking or peddling, and on the Hacktorian islands, this is considered being a pedestrian. Meaning there’s no problem taking this home from a night out at the pub.

Classic Moped – 1800 HC

Ready to enjoy our beautiful islands in style? This classicely styled electric moped combines the beauty of the olden days, with the technology of today. With additional detachable boot space, you have all that’s needed to transport yourself and your groceries around town.

Cargo Bike – 5000 HC

Need to transport goods or tiny humans? Don’t like taking a car? This electric cargo bike has you covered. Transport anything, even uphill, without breaking a sweat. With it’s sturdy construction and thick tires, this cargo bike can get places a lot of other vehicles can’t. And, it won’t break the bank.

FIAT 500 – 25,000 HC

Just like our classic moped, this nifty convertible combines a stylish design with the comforts of today. Fully electric and convertible to enjoy the beautiful weather on the Hacktorian islands. Having room for four people, this versatile little car is the ideal candidate for moving around quickly.

Jeep Wrangler – 38,000 HC

For those needing more space, or with a desire to drive right onto the beach, we have a selection of beautiful Jeeps availalble. All of these are the same model, but customization after purchase is possible. Some parts might need to be imported.