Emergency Vault 21

To provide shelter in case of catastrophic disaster, the Hacktorian government maintains a bunker. Located to the east of Tiber city, deep inside Mount Vesuvius, lays an elaborate network of chambers and tunnels.

Our facilities have the capacity to house all citizens of Hacktoria, with food supplies for the next 5 years. Stocked water for 1 year, plus a built in deep water well with purification systems. Outfitted with air filtration for all types of CBRN events, recreation room, a gym, school system and place for pets. As well as an additional armory and CBRN equipement for our military personnel.

Each citizen will be provided a physical survival manual and instruction guide, updated yearly. Once every year, during exercise “Pompeii”, all citizens participate in a mass evacuation drill to make their way to the bunker.