CTF Team

CTF Team “Tiberian Order” competes in CTF’s. Interested to join? Head over to Discord. We’re a group of people from all over the world. All with different backgrounds and skills levels. We have our own channel inside the Hacktoria Discord server and participate in a wide variety of events.

There’s no strict obligation to join every event, but we participate whenever possible. We welcome anyone who’s serious enough to take part in a wide variety of events and fits well within our welcoming team.

Come say hello, we don’t always bite.

Events our CTF Team has participated in.

MiniVishwa CTF March 2023

OSINT Search Party February 2023

OSINT Search Party October 2022
Hexa CTF – January 2023
Hexa CTF – January 2023
Digital Overdose CTF November 2022