Withering Lotus

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Three months had gone since Thalia’s lover was kidnapped on Valentine’s Day. She had been working relentlessly with the Tiberian Order to learn whatever she could about the criminal gang responsible for the kidnapping. Thalia’s husband filled her in on the specifics over the course of three months, revealing how he overheard the kidnappers discussing a larger organization called “Quantum,” and how he overheard them talking to their supervisor, who was in Japan and enjoying the view from the four corners. Thalia, frustrated and impatient for progress after discovering the location of the four corners, decided to seek assistance from an old friend.

LeRoux, a skilled social engineer and member of the Tiberian Order’s Red Team, was just the person Thalia needed for this mission. She filled him in on the details, explaining how her husband had overheard the kidnappers discussing a larger organization called “Quantum.” Leroux relayed that this mysterious group is thought to be founded in the aftermath of World War II, and shrouded in folklore and intelligence tales.

Eager to help Thalia, LeRoux accepted the mission to infiltrate the location and discover what he could. After conducting some research, he discovered that there were typical intelligence- looking officials looming on the higher floors of the building, specifically the 70th floor. To gain access to the information they needed, LeRoux would have to tap into the building’s Wi-Fi and penetrate deeper into the network.


Greetings, Special Agent K

Thalia was able to pinpoint the organization responsible for her Valentine’s Day tragedy. Information has been conveyed to LeRoux, a red team counsel member who has infiltrated the location where the leader of The High Guard may be on vacation. Your mission is to assist LeRoux in obtaining the BSSID of the wifi utilized for 70th-floor interchanges. We have sent you a map to assist you in your search.

As always, Special Agent K, the contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

Materials and Answer Instruction

Download the FLAGFILE

Answer FormatBSSID
Answer ExampleD8:C7:C8:CC:F4:10

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