The Killer Clown


It was a dark and stormy night, and the only sound that could be heard in the park was the soft pattering of rain on the leaves. But among the bushes, there was something else lurking, something sinister and malevolent.

It was a killer clown, with a painted face and razor-sharp teeth. He had been hiding in the bushes for hours, waiting and observing the joggers as they passed by.

As the night wore on, the killer clown began to grow restless. He had been waiting for the perfect victim, and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before one came along.

Finally, he saw his chance. A lone jogger was making his way down the path, completely unaware of the danger that was lurking in the shadows.

The killer clown sprang from the bushes, his sharp claws glinting in the moonlight. The jogger never stood a chance.

As the body lay at his feet, the killer clown cackled maniacally, relishing in the power and control he had over life and death. Next, came the most sinister part of his plan…


Greetings, Special Agent K. We have a very urgent case on our hands. The San Francisco Police Department is working on a true horror case this October. There is an actual killer clown roaming the streets of the greater San Francisco area.

The killer is dressed as a clown and strikes at night, mostly targeting women and younger men. The victims are drugged and bound tightly with a long rope, stretching all the way around the body. After this, the killer attaches an oxygen tank to the victim and puts them inside a coffin sized box. Making it impossible to move, but just enough to breathe slowly.

The victim is then buried alive and a picture is taken of the location, which is then sent to the police. With the amount of oxygen in the tank, victims usually last about 24 hours. Though with the panic setting in, some die within 6 hours. A few others suffered a heart attack from the panic. They are left as a game, for the police to find the location in time, or not. So far there have been several sightings of a clown at night, though only for brief moments. In one of the photo’s, the image of the clown was visible in a car mirror caught on camera.

About 30 minutes ago, the San Francisco Police Department received a new picture from the clown. This time we have reason to believe the victim is Melany Parker, a 23 year old woman from Northwest Berkeley. She was reported missing by her boyfriend, after she didn’t return from her evening jog.

Given the circumstances, we have no time to waste. Your assignment is simple, find the location of the picture below. Before the next victim dies, tied up in a box underground, slowly suffocating while tightly wrapped in ropes.

Special Agent K. The contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

Materials and Answer Instruction

Construct the password for the flagfile, using the name of the location and pathway where the victim is buried.

Sample password, no caps: local-park-name-dirty-mud-path

Download Flagfile

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