Space Bleeps

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The Advanced Spatial Intelligence Agency (ASIA) is a top-secret private organization tasked with managing a fleet of advanced observation and surveillance satellites. With headquarters located in a heavily fortified underground facility, the SIA operates with the utmost secrecy and discretion, dedicated to safeguarding security interests.

The ASIA employs a team of highly skilled engineers, scientists, and intelligence analysts who work around the clock to monitor the satellites and collect valuable data. The satellites are equipped with a wide range of sensors, including high-resolution cameras, thermal imaging sensors, and advanced radar systems, allowing the SIA to gather critical intelligence on a variety of targets, both on the ground and in space.

ASIA’s satellites are capable of tracking everything from enemy troop movements and military hardware to environmental changes and natural disasters. The data they collect is processed by the agency’s advanced computer systems, allowing ASIA to generate detailed intelligence reports that are used by government agencies and military commanders around the world.

To ensure the security of their operations, ASIA employs strict protocols for satellite communications, with all transmissions encrypted and protected by advanced security measures. They also have a team of specialized agents who are trained in satellite sabotage and counter-espionage, ready to defend the agency against any threat. Several satellites are also shared by specific countries in order to reduce launching cost.

But, ASIA stands ready to protect their own interests, no matter the cost.

Malakbel is a talented analyst working for ASIA. One day, his team received a strange sound from an unused frequency coming from a satellite in orbit around Earth. The sound was unlike anything they had ever heard before, and it seemed to be some kind of coded message.

Malakbel and his team tried to decipher the message using all their available resources, but progress was slow. As they worked, Malakbel knew that time was running out. They needed to find a way to decode the message quickly.

Malakbel approached his manager, Aglibol, with the problem. “We’ve received a strange sound from an unused frequency, and we can’t seem to decode it”, he said.

Aglibol looked concerned. “What does the sound suggest to you?” he asked.

“We’re not sure yet,” Malakbel replied. “But we suspect that it could be a message or image from a foreign satellite, or maybe one of ours has been hacked.”

Aglibol nodded thoughtfully. “I see. Well, we need to find a way to decode that message as soon as possible. Let me make a call right now.” Aglibol took out his cipher mobile and pressed several number sequences, hoping that an old friend could lend him a hand.


Greetings, Special Agent K.

Aglibol has called for help, and you have been assigned the task of supporting his team from ASIA in their investigation. You are trained for this kind of mission, and you must decode the signal in order to determine its origin and purpose of the transmission.

As always, Special Agent K. The Contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

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