Sound of the Ocean

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Mister Joseph was sitting at his desk, looking at the dark Atlantic ocean through the window in front of him. It was very quiet in his luxury suite. He loves peace. The only sound one could hear was him typing on his laptop and the sound of the ocean outside his window. Even if one wouldn’t be able to see it. Mister Joseph was a busy man. Always working on trading stocks and crypto-currencies. Its been a long day already.

All he wants is to finish his work and head to bed. He suddenly seemed to remember something and started to edit a file on a black USB stick. It was strange, even for him, because he always refused to use a stick, since, for him, it’s too easy to lose. By the time he finished working on the USB, he felt like being watched by someone.

He didn’t think much about it though. “It’s probably because I overworked again”, he thought to himself. Around 3:40 mister Joseph stood up. Ready to go to sleep. Just as he approached the light switch on the wall, he felt a sharp pain in his head and went unconscious.


Greetings, Special Agent K.

While we were researching the incident with Frank’s father, we found a strange USB stick in his suite while searching for clues. One of our agent recognized the USB as a “Rubber-ducky”. After disassembling the stick, our Red-Team members found out what this USB was trying to do. When plugged into a machine, it will try to download a strange audio file. For now, we have no idea what this file is about. Possibly either a clue to our investigation or something malicious. Your job this time is to find out what purpose this file serves. But proceed with caution. It could be something malicious!

As always, Special Agent K. The Contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

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