Saving Agent Smith

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Special Agent Smith was renowned for his fearlessness, ingenuity, and inexplicable knack for completing missions that seemed impossible to everyone else. His long-standing tenure as a trusted operative had earned him his superiors’ unwavering trust and reliance for the most sensitive and perilous assignments.

However, there was one mission that would put Mark’s skills to the test like never before. He had been tasked with infiltrating a heavily fortified facility in a foreign land where a terrorist organization was developing a sinister new weapon. His orders were clear: to gather crucial intelligence, sabotage the facility’s operations, and escape unnoticed.

Mark was confident in his abilities, but he knew that this mission was fraught with danger. As per protocol, he had left all pertinent information about his mission on a hard drive, which he had handed over to his team before departing. The hard drive contained details about the mission itself, some of them only known by Smith, and the contact information of an undercover agent operating within the terrorist organization.

Days had passed since Smith had last communicated with his team, and they had received no updates on his progress. As per standard procedure, they attempted to open the files on the hard drive to access the sensitive information regarding the mission. However, when they tried it, they found only an encrypted folder, the password for which remained a mystery.

Growing increasingly anxious and desperate to find their missing comrade, the team delved deeper into the contents of the hard drive, and eventually stumbled upon a hidden text file. Smith was not particularly adept at remembering passwords, and had therefore left behind detailed instructions within the file.

Time was essential, and the team worked feverishly to decipher the cryptic instructions in the hopes of unlocking the mysterious password that would allow them to access the encrypted folder and retrieve their lost teammate.


Greetings, Special Agent K.

you have been assigned the task to crack the password and unlock the relevant information to locate agent Smith.

The hidden file contains actually two different files that were left in order to retrieve the password.

We know Smith was not good at memorizing passwords and he must have created a long one with elements he could easily put together. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about him, not even his real first name or his age.

As always, Special Agent K. The Contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

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