Mediterranean Mafia

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The warm Algerian sun was setting, casting long shadows over the busy streets of Béjaïa. Amidst the clamor of car horns, lively market chatter, and calls to prayer, a lone figure navigated the labyrinth of narrow streets with practiced ease. Dressed in a nondescript linen suit that allowed him to blend seamlessly into the hustle and bustle, Special Agent Thomas Johnson of the Tiberian Order was on the prowl, a human predator amidst unsuspecting prey.

Thomas was a veteran in the covert world, a man skilled in gathering intelligence without drawing attention. A linguistic maestro fluent in a myriad of languages, he was adept at blending into foreign cultures. The mission had taken him from the plush comfort of his office in Berlin to the rustic simplicity of Béjaïa, the cultural and historical Algerian city. The Tiberian Order had been contracted by INTERPOL, and their target was a syndicate operating one of the most lucrative cocaine smuggling routes into Europe.

As he wandered the marketplace, his trained eyes swept across the vibrant stalls, not missing a single detail. Be it a conversation happening in hushed whispers, a nervous glance, or a fleeting handoff, Thomas was tuned to the minutiae that most would overlook.

He paused at a spice merchant’s booth, pretending interest in the vibrant paprika and aromatic cinnamon while straining his ears to listen to a conversation that was happening nearby. Two men in worn leather jackets were hunched over a tiny table, conversing in a blend of Arabic and Spanish, a linguistic combination as peculiar as the situation.

Thomas, with his knack for languages, picked up on their conversation immediately. They were discussing a shipment leaving via the Casbah, the ancient fortress overlooking the Mediterranean. He continued to feign interest in the spices, buying a small packet of saffron as he strained to capture every single word.

There was mention of an elusive figure known as “El Lobo,” the Wolf, the man thought to be behind the entire smuggling operation. Apparently, El Lobo was going to be present at the drop-off. This was the break Thomas had been waiting for.

Returning to his safe house, a modest apartment disguised amidst the city’s rustic architecture, he began collating the data. Every bit of information was valuable in the high-stakes world of international espionage. He sent an encrypted message to his handler, updating them on the newfound lead.

The sun had long set by the time Thomas finished his report, the bustling city having given way to a calm night punctuated by the distant sounds of the Mediterranean waves crashing against the city’s ancient harbor.

The die was cast, the game was afoot, and Thomas Johnson, an unassuming agent of the Tiberian Order, was at the heart of it. As he switched off his lights and settled into the darkness, he knew he was one step closer to unmasking the elusive El Lobo and crippling the drug smuggling syndicate.


Greetings, Special Agent K.

We just received word from one of our field operatives, Thomas Johnson. He’s currently assigned to the INTERPOL case for taking on a drug smuggling operation in the Mediterranean. Thomas has successfully located the point where the ship will leave.

He’s also obtained a picture through a local source. Which is claimed to be the dock where the smugglers’ ship will arrive. It’s your task to locate where this dock is, so we can sent in the B.T.R.U. to intercept the shipment.

As always, Special Agent K. The Contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

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Answer FormatName of the harbor as displayed on Google Maps
Answer ExampleAparcament Port Arenys-de-Mar

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