Last Flight

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Wanda had been tasked with an urgent and critical mission. An old top-secret electronic device had been planted on a passenger plane in April 1993. This device offered ECCM capabilities to the plane in order to avoid missile and rocket targeting during the Cold War. Unfortunately, all information about this device has been destroyed due to economic restrictions on storage in the year 2000.

Wanda had to locate the plane and retrieve the device quickly. This device could explode at any moment due to battery instability.

Wanda was a seasoned spy with years of experience in tracking down targets and gathering intelligence. But this mission was unlike any she had undertaken before. She had to locate a plane in the vast expanse of the world, and she had very little information to go on.

The Special Device Service Archive gave Wanda just a photo of the plane, but without any exploitable metadata.

Wanda quickly realized that she needed to gather more information about the plane’s whereabouts. She began to dig deeper, looking for any clues that might help her locate the plane. She spoke to airline officials, retired air traffic controllers, and even ground staff at various airports. But no one had any information on the whereabouts of the plane.

With time running out, Wanda decided to take a straightforward approach. She began to search for the plane herself. She spent countless hours scouring satellite images and flight tracking data, looking for any sign of the missing plane.


Greetings, Special Agent K.

Wanda has called for help, and you have been assigned the task of supporting her investigation. You must find the last known location of the plane. Wanda is waiting for your signal to proceed with the UXO team. Additionally, we need to determine the country where the plane was during the device deployment to retrieve intelligence for defusing the device.

As always, Special Agent K. The Contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

Materials and Answer Instruction

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Answer Formatcountry_of_deployement-icao_code_of_airport-country_of_airport
Answer Examplebelgium-lfou-france

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