Human Traffickers

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For Joso, Sehina, and Marek it was just another day sitting in the abandoned factory, awaiting the arrival of a new batch of transports, that will be delivered to various locations around the world. As part of a splinter cell of a large trafficking ring they were part of the day-to-day operations of transporting all to the next leg of their journey. They had once considered making a run for it, but having seen what happens to those that try to leave the organization they decided to just keep their heads down and do what is asked of them.

After a few hours waiting in the cold breezy shadows a transport pulled in and in the container were 26 new bodies to process. There were 26 in this group, which was an unusual quantity, they had never seen numbers this high. “I wonder why there is so many?”, mumbled Sehina. “No time for that now Sehina”, rasped Joso, “we need to process these lambs and arrange the transportation for the locations they are expected to be delivered to. You all know what happens if we are late! My leg has never been the same since that time (sigh) I do not want to go through that again, so snap out of it and let’s get this shit done!”

Marek noticed that many of the humans are in bad shape, malnourished and dehydrated and asked what should be done about it. Joso growled, “Just give them a couple of bottles of water each, it isn’t our job to look after them, we just need to move them on quickly before the next batch arrives. Come on, get on with it!!!”

Asshole muttered Marek under his breath, luckily Joso didn’t hear him, however Sehina did, but just chuckled to herself. They are well into the processing of the batch when Joso’s phone goes off. The person on the line says, “Get this lot processed and clear the fuck out, pronto. I have word that you are going to be raided. Whatever happens do not get arrested, if you do, you know what will happen to you? We can reach you anywhere, anytime, just you remember that.”
Marek asks what the call was about. Joso’s face was very pale as he said, “We need to clear out of here very quickly!!! We are apparently going to be raided. As soon as they are all loaded onto the transport destroy everything and proceed with the contingency plan. You remember the plan, right?

“This shit just got real” said Marek to Seniha, “I hope you haven’t forgotten the plan that Joso laid out for this exact scenario.” “No of course not”, she said. “Okay. Go now and I will finish up here. See you soon, take care of yourself.”
The transport rolls off into the dark and Marek stays behind to burn everything, leaving nothing but a smouldering mess on the floor. “Good luck finding anything that ties this place to us pigs!” Marek laughed as he walked into the darkness. “I’m outta here…”


Greetings, Special Agent K.

We have a very urgent matter handed to us from the joint task force, MET Police and Interpol. They have joined forces to bring down a notorious human trafficking gang. Unfortunately, their sting operation went side-ways in a big way. Somehow the gang knew about the sting and managed to clear out their operations before the teams arrived, leaving them with nothing but their dicks in their hands!

One of the task force agents did find a very battered Computer Hard Drive, that they handed to their Cyber CSI team to try and recover anything that could help with the investigation, however all they were able to recover was a password protected “Database Backup” file and a file named “message.gpg”. This is where Hacktoria comes in, I do not need to tell you how delicate and important this is, egg on face springs to mind, so let’s make some sense of this and see if you can retrieve any useful data to aid in tracking down the whereabouts of the gang.
As our best Agent at this Data Forensics stuff this falls with you.

It is the belief of the task force analysts that the gang will retreat to one of their “Safe-Houses”, re-grouping and letting the heat die down before resuming operations. We need to locate the safe house before they are in the wind for good.

As always, Special Agent K. The Contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

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