Hidden Messages

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As a digital forensics’ investigator, it was just another day at work for Detective Jane. However, this particular day turned out to be more exciting than she had anticipated. While investigating a notorious criminal organization called the Order of Hades, Jane stumbled upon a lead that led her to Maksim, one of the organization’s top operatives.

After obtaining a warrant, Jane and her team raided Maksim’s house and found his laptop. His laptop’s hard disk was encrypted so they tried different password cracking techniques and their previous knowledge on the organization to finally decrypt his hard disk. Then, They began scouring through his files, hoping to find any incriminating evidence that could help take down the Order of Hades once and for all. As they searched, they came across a small file that caught their attention. It was heavily encrypted and seemed out of place with the other files on Maksim’s laptop.

The team immediately became suspicious and began working to decrypt the file. After several hours of intense work, they finally managed to crack its encryption and open the file to find out that it did not contain any useful data. To their surprise, the file seemed very normal at the first glance, but contained some strange words that were not understandable. They are suspecting that a hidden message, contained in this file, had been sent to Maksim’s boss within the Order of Hades organization to help him not to be caught.

Realizing the severity of the situation, Jane immediately detained Maksim and took him into custody until further notice.

As Maksim sat in his cell, he couldn’t help but wonder how the investigators had managed to crack his laptop’s hard disks encryption. He had always been careful with his digital tracks and had never suspected that he would be caught so easily. But now, he is hoping that his boss escaped safely.


Hello Agent,

We have received some troubling news from our sources: the Order of Hades organization is planning to go into hiding for some time after the detention of one of their members, Maksim. According to our informants, if the Order of Hades vanishes, they will disappear like a ghost, and we will not be able to pursue them any further. As a result, we must apprehend their leader as quickly as possible. Following Maksim’s detention, a seemingly ordinary file was discovered on his laptop at his residence, and we require your expertise in the digital forensics field to determine whether it is a normal file or not.

We have attached the file for you to analyze using your skills and to provide us with your findings.

We understand that this mission may seem daunting, but we have faith in your abilities. If you choose to accept this mission, you will be provided with all the necessary resources to complete it. Good luck, Agent. The responsibility of capturing the leader of the Order of Hades organization rests in your hands.

As always, Special Agent K. The Contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

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