Cup of Joe

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Pablo Fernandez was a seasoned secret agent who had been working for the Task Force Bureau of Investigations (T.F.B.I) for over a decade. He had seen it all, from high-stakes espionage to undercover operations in dangerous territories. But when he intercepted a message from a group of baristas known as “The Coffee Brigade” planning a major heist, he knew he had stumbled upon something big.

The Coffee Brigade was a group of expert baristas who had gained a reputation for brewing the best coffee in the city. They had a network of coffee shops that they operated out of, and their customers were fiercely loyal to them. But now, they had set their sights on stealing a secret ingredient used by a popular coffee brand, and Pablo knew it was his job to stop them.

Pablo immediately reported the message to his superiors at the T.F.B.I, and they set up a task force to investigate the Coffee Brigade’s plans. Pablo was put in charge of the operation, and he quickly got to work.

He spent weeks gathering information about the Coffee Brigade, learning their routines, and studying their movements. He even went undercover as a barista to gain their trust and get closer to their plans.


Hello Agent,

We have received some troubling news from our sources about a group of baristas who call themselves “The Coffee Brigade”. Our sources have informed us that they are planning to steal a secret ingredient that is used in the making of a popular coffee brand.

The Coffee Brigade has managed to stay off our radar for some time, but we believe that they are planning something big. We need your help to stop them before they carry out their plan.

We have attached a file containing (Which is encrypted, and needs a key that due to a human error got deleted) all the information we have on The Coffee Brigade, including their known associates, locations, and other relevant information. We need you to use your skills to gather more information on this group, and to locate and recover the stolen ingredient.

We understand that this mission will not be easy, but we have faith in your abilities. If you choose to accept this mission, you will be provided with all the necessary resources to complete it. Good luck, Agent. The fate of the coffee world rests in your hands.

As always, Special Agent K. The Contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

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