Cold War Enemies

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Maksim Kotova was a powerful Russian politician with connections to the highest levels of government. As he walked through the bustling streets of Moscow, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction at all he had accomplished.

But Maksim was not content to rest on his laurels. He had bigger plans, and he knew that to achieve them, he needed to take risks.

That’s why he had arranged this meeting with a cargo handler at the Russian airforce base in Moscow. The man, a burly, no-nonsense type, had promised to help Maksim smuggle stolen weapons onto an airplane bound for a foreign country.

As they sat in a secluded corner of a dingy cafe, Maksim leaned in close and whispered his plan.

“I have a contact in the black market who can supply us with all the weapons we need,” he said. “All we have to do is load them onto the plane and fly them out of the country.”

The cargo handler nodded, a greedy glint in his eye. “I can make it happen,” he said. “But it’s going to cost you.”

Maksim grinned. “Money is no object,” he said. “Just make sure everything goes smoothly, and there will be a generous reward for you.”

The two men shook hands, sealing the deal. Maksim knew that this was a dangerous gambit, but he was confident that it would pay off in the end.

And so, under the cover of darkness, they loaded the stolen weapons onto the plane and prepared to take off into the night. Maksim couldn’t help but feel a thrill of excitement as the engines roared to life, knowing that he was on the verge of something big.


Greetings Special Agent K. Perhaps you remember our old friend Maksim Kotova? After his capture in Panama he was more than willing to cooporate for reduced sentences.

Following up on the leads he’s given us until this point has resulted in the arrest of several high ranking officials and members of various underground organizations. One of his more promising leads, is a military parts smuggling operation organized by one of Maksim’s former Cold War friends, Vasili Semenov.

Semenov is quietly making a fortune selling Russian military spare parts for scraps to the highest bidder. A lot of these parts aren’t even spares in the literal sense of the word. These parts are all brought together through various air bases around Russia and the world, then routed to a central air base. Where they’re exchanged for cash.

Given the current sticky situation around Russian activity. Not to mention the limited jurisdiction of our client. You are tasked with finding the air base where these sales take place.

The old man wasn’t very much into modern technology, so all we have for you is a sattilite image of the air base. Other items found, are sent to a forensics lab by our client.

As always, Special Agent K. The contract is yours, if you choose to accept.

Materials and Answer Instruction

Finding the Air Base will lead you to the password for unlocking your flagfile.

Password format sample, no caps:


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