The Last Hunter Standing: A Historic OSINT CTF

Community Contract Info

Welcome, to this Community Contract made by Infosec United. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a lot of fun solving this Contract.

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Once upon a time, in a grand old library with endless rows of shelves, a female vampire was being chased down a long hallway by a vampire hunter. The vampire’s name was Luna, and she had been on the run for months, always one step ahead of her pursuer.

As she ran, Luna could hear the vampire hunter’s footsteps getting closer and closer. She knew she had to think of a plan, and fast. She turned down a side corridor, hoping to lose the hunter in the maze of shelves.

But the hunter was too skilled, and Luna could hear his footsteps echoing off the walls as he followed her through the stacks. She knew she had to think of something, and she knew just the thing.

Luna stopped in front of a shelf of ancient texts, her fingers flying as she searched for the book she needed. Finally, she found it and yanked it off the shelf, flipping through the pages until she found the incantation she was looking for.

As the vampire hunter rounded the corner, Luna began to recite the ancient words. A bright light filled the room, and the hunter was momentarily blinded. Luna seized the opportunity and ran, her vampire speed carrying her out of the library and into the night.

The vampire hunter cursed as he stumbled through the light, his quarry once again slipping through his fingers. Luna knew she couldn’t stop running, not until she had put enough distance between herself and the hunter.

But as she ran, Luna couldn’t help but feel a sense of triumph. She had outsmarted the hunter, at least for now. And as long as she had her wits about her, she knew she would always be one step ahead.


Greetings, Special Agent Q. We have a very mysterious case on our hands. Detective John Grimmory, assigned to US Special Extraterrestrial Task-force 51, contacted us, he needs our help.

There seems to be a very strange connection between the death of his father, David Grimmory, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a very mysterious woman. Not in the good way, may I add. According to public records, if the data is correct, she’s 224 years old. And the oddest part, she looks not a day older than 30.

Anyway, on to the case. David’s father was found dead, near the college campus where he works as a professor. There wasn’t a single drop of blood on his body, yet his heart was missing. No cut marks, no tissue damage, but somehow his heart was removed.

There are witnesses who claim to have seen a woman with glazed over eyes, near Professor Grimmory’s office on the campus, a few minutes before the body was found.

Detective John Grimmory is asking us to find out where this woman might now be. After tasking Special Agent X and J, they’ve hit a dead end.

Though leaving us with an eye witness drawing of the woman and this picture of her supposed home. They also suspect the cottage to be fairly close to the university, but just haven’t been able to verify this gut feeling.

The hopes of our dear colleague and friend are in your hands. I trust you’re up to the task, Special Agent Q?

Materials and Answer Instruction

Find out where the home is. Report your findings to the Infosec United Twitter via DM. If correct, you will receive the next part the following day. This CTF will have a total of 7 parts.


John Grimmory

David Grimmory

.. the woman ..

Write-ups: The Last Hunter Standing

Submit your own in our Discord “brand-intel” channel for a reward of 100,000 HC or 200,000 HC for the first write-up of the contract.