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Last week sunday:

James layes on his bed after an exhausting day of school and a long coding session. His heart pounding like crazy. He cant fall asleep even tho its 1 in the morning. What happened to him today, was just too exciting for him not to constantly think about it. He stood up, grabbed his laptop from the desk in the hope that writing it down, will finally granting him some sleep:



Dear diary,

Today is the craziest day ever. I just cant stop thinking about it. It might be the best thing happened to me since the bunny-high started.

First school started off normally. The bunny-chemistry lesson however wanted us to do a presentation about “what chemicals are inside a carrot and why carrots are the best food for our species”.

I first thought that it was a stupid presentation like always but this time, we are suppost to work in groups of 2. The teacher calls our name in pairs and we are suppost to work together. Surprisingly I was pared with the prettiest bunny in class: “Jessica”. I had a crush on her since the beginning of the school. I cant belive that I can work along with her.

This is my only chance to get her to like me…

I red somewhere that there is a coffee recipe that makes someone like you…

Maby ill give that a try…


Today is james birthday (Saturday). He wished for the “magic” coffee beans that he needed for the magic coffee.

Since his parents are very rich, they bought him the 1000$ coffee beans he wished for.


Greetings, Special Agent X.. James called us yesterday at 9am, asking us to find out who stole his precious coffee beans. Apparently the day after he got the beans, he told his friends about it and now its missing.

We’ve located his school and found out the names and class-photo of his friends.

Your mission is to recover the stolen coffee beans, return it to james and find out who stole the precious coffee beans. Youll find further information in the folder that comes with this contract.

As always, Special Agent X. Our allies and the agency depend on you.

Materials and Answer Instruction

password sample for flagfile: name-of-coffee-beans-name-of-thief

sample password: midnight-og-coffee-beans-jimmy

Download the Flagfile

Download the starting information ZIP

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