A New Era of Change

from: [email protected]: everyone;hr;company-generaldate: August 07, 2022, 17:25 EETsubject: A new era of change Greetings All, It is with great pleasure that I announce you the island is ready for habitation. After months of hard work, the nation of Hacktoria is finally completed. As head of the Intelligence Center, upper management has asked me to inform you of … Read more

April 2022 – Operation Galaxios

Lights blaring and all engines down, Klumgongyn held on for dear life as the ship crashed into earth. After what seemed like an eternity, the ship came to a standstill. Immediately disembarking, Klumgongyn looked around… Dammit! Fucking Australia! Annoying by the inconvenient landing site, Klumgongyn began to walk towards a place he knew to be … Read more

March 2022 – Operation Brutus

01.03.2022 – 21:00 EET Julia walks towards the briefing room, coffee in one hand, phone in the other. Her stern look at one of the interns, is enough to make him rush to open the door for her. She walks right into an ongoing briefing while hitting send on her phone. The agent giving his … Read more

February 2022 – Operation Runner

18.01.2022 – 00:39 EET Julia sits in the drivers seat of an old and smelly rental van, parked about one hundred meters outside the Kotova residence. After keeping an eye on the family for quite some time, she’s getting bored and done with the assignment. How much longer can you watch a family do nothing … Read more

January 2022 – Operation Warthog

01.01.2022 – 9:05 EET During the Christmas holidays of 2021, we were able to compromise a smart fridge in the home of Maksim Kotova, a former politician during the Cold War in the USSR. This fridge exposed the WiFi password for his home router. Allowing Julia to go near his home and find more information. … Read more


Introduction You are part of the OSINT Team of the Intelligence Division for the Tiberian Serpent. An organisation born out of a need to level the playing field with organized crime operating in the dark corners of cyberspace. An organisation whose existence is obscured and their actions denied if caught. You operate with a simple … Read more