Bushwacker’s Campground

G’day mates! Done with the busy life in Tiber city? Make your way over to Gaelea island in the north west of Hacktoria and enjoy the beautiful forest, beaches and campsite. Our facilities offer a water well and grass field next to the beach for setting up your tent. Hammocks can be attached to the trees on the edges of the field. Several fire pits and firewood are also provided. As well as a several trash bins and toilets.

Gaelea island is reserved for recreational use only, loud parties and other noisy activities are not allowed. The island is meant as a place of rest. Accessibility is through boat only, either rent a boat from the harbor, use the water taxi or your own boat to reach the island.

Gaelea offers a hiking trail, that carefully zigzags through the forest. Surrounded by beaches and a small bay to the north east, this tiny sanctuary offers a true getaway from busy life. Due to the mountains between Gaelea and the city of Tiber, any noise coming from the city will not be heard.

No reservations are needed, government maintenance personnel will visit the island once per week for restocking firewood and emptying trash bins. Please report any littering or other forbidden activities to: +555-198-539

Island rules:

  • No noise after 22:00
  • No littering
  • Fires only in designated fire pits
  • Do not cut down trees or other plant life
  • No hunting
  • Fishing only for recreation or own consumption

Camping Tips

1. Do a trial run
2. Buy high-quality equipment
3. Be prepared for rain
4. Research campsites
5. Pitch perfect
6. Pack appropriate clothes
7. Leave no trace
8. Consider a hammock
9. Be careful with food
10. Get permission
11. Store your gear in plastic tubs.
12. Keep the tent door zipped at all times.
13. Be aware of any risks around your tent
14. Bring plenty of food and water
15. Know what services are available
16. Keep your eye out for wildlife
17. Be fire safe around campfires
18. Know Where Not to Pitch Your Tent
19. Protect Yourself From Pesky Bugs
20. Make Sure to Bring a Sleeping Pad