Bayside Harbor

The main harbor of Hacktoria, located right in front of Tiber city, at The Bay of Pirates. Allowing for the transfer of goods and people, but also providing plenty of recreation activity for the water loving crowds.

Our services include:

  • Boat rental – 40 HC p/h
  • Water taxi – 30 HC p/h
  • Boat maintenance
  • Cargo loading/offloading
  • Harboring private vessels
  • Vessel registration
  • Buying and Selling vessels (import export)
  • Towing during import/export – 500 HC

For any inquiries please send us an email, or call. For water taxi and rental services, calling only: +555-017402 Opening hours are between 09:00 and 16:00. All self services are available 24/7 through the self service terminals outside the harbor office.

Vessel Listings

All our vessels come with taxes included. They are well maintained and receive a final checkup before being sold. Vessels can be imported when bought outside of Hacktoria. Beware only sea worthy vessels should make the crossing with humans on board. In case your imported/exported vessel needs transportation, we offer that service.

Kayak – 1200 HC

Ideal for scenic trips around our beautiful shores and to reach those tiny islands not connected by land. Our kayaks come in different shapes and sizes. Either for one or two people, with or without cargo compartments. For current availability, visit our shop or give us a call.

Small Boat – 6500 HC

Perfect for moving from island to island, or go camping at Bushwacker’s Campground. Enough space for a few people and luggage, with the option of paddling or attaching an external engine. For available engines, please visit our shop.

Motorboat – 11,000 HC

The best candidate for effortlessly moving around the shorelines and even a bit further into the sea. No matter it’s a day on the water, fishing or visiting other islands, this boat has all the needed options and space. We have a few configurations available, all at the same price, so the exact model depends on your preference.

Speedboat – 75,000 HC

For those who want the comforts of the indoors, out on the waters. This luxury speedboat comes with built in cooking equipment and toilet. Making it the ideal setup for fishing trips or overnights anchored between our islands. With it’s powerful built in engines, this boat will get you around the islands faster than most cars. As with the other boats, we have a few variations available, so come check them out before they’re gone.

Sailing Boat – 96,000 HC

Don’t let the name fool you, these boats still come with an attached motor. Because who can rely on wind right? Certainly not all those civilizations who lived on our islands years ago. This boat comes with a kitchen area and toilet, making it an ideal candidate to venture a little further.

Sailing Yacht – 425,000 HC

For experiences sailors, this luxury sailing yacht comes equiped with all the modern amenities. Kitchen, bathroom with shower and separate bedroom, sitting area and a sun deck. Sail the ocean in style and even have the possibility of reaching the European coast.

Yacht – 2,130,000 HC

Combining the luxury of a hotel and the mobility of a ship, this luxury yacht is capable of moving at high speeds and getting you to mainland Europe without a hitch. Sporting three bedroom, a bathroom with shower and hot tub, kitchen, dining area, seating area, sundeck, rear deck with inflatable boat and modern communication equipement. This yacht put most hotels to shame.