Alexandria’s Library

Although a bit smaller than it’s name suggests, our library holds an impressive amount of non-fictional work. Aimed at securing knowledge offline in case of disaster, or when paper version are preferred. Our library has a large basement area full of research papers and information.

Besides offering a wide variety of non-fictional works, we also house several 3D printers and a digital forensics playground. It’s a place where any citizen of Hacktoria can reserve time to use these 3D printers or facilities for research or educational purposes.

Since all education is done remotely for children on the island, using various sponsorships with educational institutes around the world, our library provides a place for them to come together and learn. There is adult supervision at all times from library staff and free snacks to keep those carbs fueling your brain.

All equipement and materials are accessible free of charge. Materials may be taken home for a maximum of two weeks. Longer periods will need to be discussed with staff. Another option is the replication of the materials for personal use, this may come at a cost and is decided on a case-by-case basis.