About the Project

Hacktoria is a passion project where we hope to provide people with something fun, unique and educational. We do not get paid for this and do all of it on our free time. If you’re into CyberSecurity, Technology, OSINT or any related field, and want to get involved, reach out about whatever idea or collaboration you have in mind. We have all benefited greatly from all the amazing free and low-cost resources on the internet to better our lives. To learn, engage and grow as people. Through this project we want to give back to people in the community.

A Nation of Analysts, Hackers and Soldiers

We provide an ever evolving fictional island nation, called Hacktoria. This nation is the evolution of the previous clandestine spy organization, The Tiberian Serpent. Hacktoria provides ever evolving storylines, lore, world building and interaction.

Based on top of this world, we create monthly CTF exercises and Missions for the players to participate in. For those also interested in the community and world of Hacktoria, we invite you to read into the islands’ documentation and take part in the Discord server.

Our Content

Besides CTF Exercises and Missions, The Hacktorian Government writes Articles about a variety of topics. We also host a YouTube channel that provides informative content and CTF material. This channel is hosted by Tony, aka “CyberVikingUK“.

All our material is free, without any form of registration and no collection of personal data. Even for CTF submissions, we encourage players to use sock-puppet accounts. Taking part in the Nation Roleplay is also optional, but not needed to enjoy our challenges.