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At Hacktoria, we create Story Driven Capture the Flag exercises. Immerse yourself in our world of espionage and hacking. Become part of the Tiberian Order, our fictional clandestine secret agency. Take on the role of Special Agent K, and take on Contracts and Operations on behalf of the Tiberian Order.

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Special Agent K, you are part of a clandestine organization, the Tiberian Order. Watch the video and head over to Discord to pick your unit.


Welcome, Special Agent K. As your Overseer, I welcome you to the Tiberian Order. A top secret, clandestine agency. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors.

Head over to the Discord server to meet up with your fellow agent. Or pickup your first Contract and get to work.

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Do you want to create challenges for the Hacktoria website? Join our program, complete the course and become a CTF Engineer.