Story Driven OSINT & Digital Forensics CTF ☠️

Hacktoria creates CTF Games for OSINT and Digital Forensics enthusiasts. Overlaying fictional events and organizations over our real world, we create immersive games that make learning fun.

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Hacktoria brings the excitement and story driven nature of games to the CTF scene. We create reality bending CTF Games that will have you at the edge of your seat. Immerse yourself in our ever expanding library of free-to-play CTF Games.

Shadow Trails
The Rise of La Profecia

Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure? Take on the infamous La Profecia Cartel. Use your OSINT and Digital Forensics skills to locate cartel members, identify vehicles, routes and all the details needed to put a stop to this brutal and cult like cartel.This CTF Game is the first in a brand new series of Hacktoria CTF Games. We're adding way more content, stories and artwork than ever before. Giving you so much more playtime, a non-linear approach and more Easter eggs than the Google homepage.Stay tuned in our Discord server to receive regular updates. We're aiming to release this CTF in the fall of 2024, however, quality over everything. It's done when it's done.

ctf team

The Hacktoria community has it's own CTF Team. We take part in different events and learn together. All skill levels are welcome, we play together whenever possible. Head over to our Discord server and ask around to join.

Events we Played & Ranked

La Grande Armee5281
Medileak CTF (La Casa de Papel)24n.a.
Stranger Case CTF (La Casa de Papel)173783
L3AK CTF44n.a.
Tracelabs April 2024 (La Casa de Papel)25560
HEXA CTF April 2024 (La Casa de Papel)185200
HEXA CTF April 2024 (Hacktoria Victor 01)1021200
HEXA CTF April 2024 (hack-two-ria)543800
WolvCTF 2024257600
Predicta CTF 20231015001
Stranger Case 202340n.a.
springforward CTF501970
Project Fox 202336000
Jersey CTF 2023272897
MiniVishwa March 202315n.a.
Tracelabs Feb 202315215
DECIPHER CTF 20238n.a.
Tracelabs Oct 202225645
Hexa CTF January 2023155810
Hexa CTF January 2023324310
Digital Overdose CTF Nov 202253n.a.

about hacktoria

Founded at the end of 2021, our initial idea was hosting a monthly live CTF event. Following a constantly evolving storyline that would progress over time.We evolved to a platform for CTF challenges that anyone could play on demand. Even shutting down for a while in 2023 to find ourselves and take a break.Our next evelotution is the Hacktoria you see today. Structured like a game studio. We're producing less CTF Games, but of higher quality and focused 100% on just making the best possible CTF.

Meet the Team

The core team consists of 3 people. We make the CTF's and bring a wealth of experience from all over the world. Military, law enforcement, civilian intelligence industry, information security and creative professions like sales and marketing.